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8 applications to put your hard drive in order

With Mac sales holding up better than its competitors, millions of people are entering the Apple desktop ecosystem for the first time. If that’s you, you’ve probably decided to make the leap because Macs require less maintenance than other computers .

From my experience, after more than fifteen years in Windows and returning to the Mac in 2011 (my previous Mac was a Performa 460), I can say that they require minimal care. Before you start with a series of apps that help you take care of your Mac, it’s a good idea to know some basic principles of computer maintenance. You may already know some, but it doesn’t hurt to remember them :

  • Back up on a regular basis. You can use Time Machine, the system that comes standard with every Mac, to do this. Make sure you have a hard drive large enough to copy the entire contents of your Mac so you can add successive changes to your copy.
  • Never ever install MacKeeper software. If you do, you’ll start getting lots of pop-up windows. If you’ve fallen into their trap, you can take a look at this post in the Apple Answers Forum to find the solution.
  • Keep your Mac up to date from the Mac App Store. From time to time, Apple releases new versions of OS X that address issues and improve security.
  • Uninstall Flash if you already have it on your Mac. Most websites are already customized and don’t use it to display their content. But if you need it, you can always install the Chrome browser.
  • If a website tells you that something is wrong with your Mac or that it has detected a virus, close it down immediately. These are just attempts to get you to download software that supposedly “fixes” the problem.
  • Never open files that have been downloaded from your browser without your consent. Throw them in the trash.
  • Do you have a Mac that can have its HDD replaced? Then replace it with an SSD and watch it fly.
8 applications to put your hard drive in order
8 applications to put your hard drive in order

Unlike other systems, OS X does not slow down over time simply because it is used. However, it is advisable to perform maintenance tasks from time to time . With this selection of 8 apps everything will be much easier. To begin with, completely uninstall the apps you no longer use with AppZapper or AppCleaner (the latter is the one I use on my Mac).

Download the version of Onyx compatible with your version of OS X. Onyx is software that cleans and tidies up your hard drive, leaving everything as it’s supposed to be. Upon launch it will prompt you to scan your disk to make sure everything is correct . It has several maintenance and cleaning tools and several sections to customize your actions. If you don’t know what they mean, don’t worry because the ones that are safe for the user are activated by default.

Disk Inventory X is a utility for graphically showing what’s taking up your Mac’s space. You can download it from this link for free. Duplicate Detective is an app that detects duplicate files on your Mac so you can remove them and free up disk space. Photos Duplicate Cleaner does the same thing, but focuses only on your photos.

Las 23 aplicaciones por las que nunca dejarás de usar un Mac.

To free up space used by files that can be deleted without risk , Disk Care is the perfect utility. I got it when it was free but now you have to pay 19.99 euros to use it. Finally, you can’t miss Memory Clean in this list of apps to keep your Mac tidy. When you run it, it will release RAM memory so that your Mac has more space to breathe.

Do you know any other apps to keep your Mac up to date?

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