78% of iPhones have the iOS 7 Activation Lock enabled

New iOS 7 feature to increase the security of your devices convinces 4 out of 5 users

A few months ago, New York’s Attorney General, Eric Schneiderman , sent a request to the major mobile companies asking for an increase in security to fight against the theft of mobile devices.

Apple has always been a very strict company with the security of its devices and with the arrival of the new iOS 7 added an option to keep thieves away making stolen devices completely useless known as activation block. iOS 7’s Activation Lock allows users to remotely locate, lock, and wipe their iPhone in the event of theft or loss.

78% of iPhones have the iOS 7 Activation Lock enabled
78% of iPhones have the iOS 7 Activation Lock enabled

After several months of sharing various experiences with the newcomer iOS 7, a new report ensures that this option is making a difference among users and that 4 out of 5 owners of an Apple iPhone have it activated .

The data comes to us from the district attorney’s office, where George Gascon has been trying to motivate mobile phone manufacturers and operators who were not in favor of tightening security against mobile device theft.

Gascon uses Facebook to make his own reports

In a small survey conducted through the social network Facebook, Gascon saw that 78% of the 313 respondents had the option activated on their iOS 7 devices. After obtaining these results, the district attorney himself congratulated Apple for its work, adding that “little more can be done.

The prosecutor added:

Maybe so, but at least Apple is working to increase the security of its customers with iOS devices , putting numerous obstacles in the way of thieves to stop stealing Cupertino’s company’s mobile phones. Who knows, but perhaps, if all Apple users activate this option, the thieves who steal iPhone and iPad will give up trying when they see that, no matter how many devices they steal, none is usable, so it will lose all the value it could have on the black market.

Other smartphone manufacturers are working on including such option to their terminals, but according to Cult of Mac, mobile operators are putting some inconvenience (maybe not to lose customers with insurance plans, who knows).

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