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7 tricks that will change your iPhone experience

3D Touch made its debut with the iPhone 6s last year. It was one of the most outstanding features by Apple in its presentation. Something that can be considered of the importance of the right click of the mouse in the traditional computer . After its first year of operation, many doubted its real usefulness, describing it as a simple trick that is striking but not very useful.

3D Touch may not be what many expected, but with iOS 10 and two generations of iPhone supporting this technology, your skills have matured . Here we tell you XX 3D Touch tricks that will change your iPhone experience.

What is 3D Touch and how is it configured

7 tricks that will change your iPhone experience
7 tricks that will change your iPhone experience

3D Touch is a technology developed by Apple that allows us to distinguish between different touches on the screen according to the pressure we exert on it . A light touch is not the same as a strong one. It differs from a long touch in the type of pressure we make.

Thus, when you press harder, certain actions will appear that are not visible to the naked eye. As if they were shortcuts. And some are really useful . Only iPhone 6s and 7, with their corresponding Plus models, are supported. To configure it, go to Settings> General> Accessibility> 3D Touch. There you can change the sensitivity of this feature.

3D Touch and Control Center

Here are some features I didn’t know about 3D Touch . I’m sure many of them didn’t either. Go to the Control Center and:

  • Press hard on the flashlight icon to choose the degree of intensity of the illumination. High, medium or low.
  • Press the timer firmly to start the countdown in 1 hour, 20, 5 or 1 minute.
  • Press hard on the calculator to copy the last result obtained.
  • Press the camera hard to access four modes: selfie, photo, video or slow motion.

Use the trackpad on your iPhone

Who said the iPhone needed a mouse? With 3D Touch we have something very similar to typing and moving the cursor through text . If we are writing a message and we want to correct or add something, first we have to touch the screen and pray to put that cursor in the right place. Or use the magnifying glass that enlarges the area.

With 3D Touch, all you have to do is press the keyboard to activate trackpad mode. When we do so, we’ll see how the letters disappear and we can move the text cursor at the same time that we move our finger. This is, in my opinion, the most useful trick that 3D Touch has up its sleeve. I use it every day.

Access the widget and quick functions of an app

If an app has a widget, you can visit it in a way we didn’t tell you about a few days ago. Press hard on the icon of the app in question to display its widget, as shown in the image. But if the app doesn’t contain a widget, you’ll only see a series of quick actions available.

3D Touch, la tecnología que quiere cambiar cómo interactuamos con nuestro iPhone 6s.

This is certainly another useful, but confusing, feature. Not all Apple apps have it enabled and developers are still adapting to 3D Touch. So it’s a little frustrating to use the action and see nothing display other than the share menu.

Animate iPhone Live Photos

The iPhone 6s and 7 are capable of taking “live” photos, which remind me of the Harry Potter saga. With the difference that they record image and sound at the same time . While users of other iPhones only have to hold the screen to animate these photos, the new iPhones will have to press the screen harder to do so.

If you have placed an animated lock wallpaper, you can also activate it this way.

How to Peek & Camp; Pop Like a Pro

Apple has implemented a quality called Peek & Pop, something like “look and open”. It serves for that, to look at additional content without having to enter fully into that content . This helps us to know in advance whether it really requires our attention or can wait. If we decide it’s worth it, we’ll open the content completely.

To do this, we will need to be in an app that is compatible with Peek & Pop, such as Mail, Messages or any link to a website. Clicking on an email, message or link, will open a window that will display its inner content and obscure the irrelevant one.

I find it especially useful when reading the mail. If we slide this window up, we’ll have options to reply, forward, bookmark and so on. And if we slide it right or left, we can mark it as unread or send it to the trash.

Change apps quickly

With 3D Touch and a compatible iPhone, you can switch apps much faster than ever before. Something we already did with the traditional double-tap of the Home button . Press down hard on the left edge when you’re inside an app and slide your finger to the right of the screen. Here you have two options:

  1. Move your finger halfway to show the open app menu.
  2. Move your finger to the end, to go to the previous app you had open.

The latter I find very useful, especially when you need to move from one app to another quickly and several times in a row.

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