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7 things we don’t like about Apple’s iPhone X

No one denies that Apple’s iPhone X is one of the most advanced and spectacular smartphones on the market. However, the new flagship from the BiteBlock company has some features, functions and performance that we didn’t like.

In this article we will mention the things we liked least about the iPhone X; we talk about its design, its final cost, its new touch gestures, its additional accessories, its defects and the removal of some of its functions.

7 things we don’t like about Apple’s iPhone X7 things we don’t like about Apple’s iPhone X

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1. Its high price

Without a doubt, the cost of iPhone X will be one of the main reasons why many consumers will choose to buy another smartphone. It is available from 1,159 euros, but its price can go up to 1,329 euros with storage capacity of 256 GB. Be careful, we’re not saying it’s not worth it, but paying that kind of money for a smartphone is excessive.

The cost of iPhone X hardware components is $357. Even taking into account the R&D, marketing, design, and tax processes, the Bite Block company could have adjusted its price to the consumer a little more.

2. Its strange upper front frame

It’s a matter of taste, and for taste the colours. But in our opinion, the upper front frame (the ears) of the iPhone X has a horrible design . This frame is dedicated to implement the FaceTime camera setup components and TrueDepth sensors of Face ID facial recognition technology.

But we are not talking about simple visual aesthetics, as the frame directly impacts the user experience of the iPhone X mobile software . Its “ears” have not only prevented Apple from incorporating the battery percentage into the iOS 11 status bar, they also prevent full-screen playback and viewing of content, as you’ll see in the attached video. What good is a 5.8-inch screen if you can’t enjoy it to the fullest?

3. The additional cost of the AirPower dock

Apple will sell a separate dock for wireless charging of the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X, Apple Watch, and AirPod case. It will be called AirPower and will be available from 2018. So far so good. But it turns out that according to the latest rumours, this charger could cost up to 200 euros. Even if this were not true, and it were 100 euros, there are still much cheaper alternatives on the market.

4. Removing the Touch ID function

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5. Su escasa disponibilidad de colores

Este, probablemente, sea el menor de los problemas. Y es que nos habría encantado que Apple arriesgara más en cuanto a los colores disponibles de sus modelos iPhone X. Actualmente solo hay iPhone X en colores Plata y Gris Espacial. ¿No sería genial un iPhone X Azul Zafiro, Oro Rosado o Rojo Pasión?

6. El efecto “burn-in” de su pantalla OLED

El iPhone X y su pantalla OLED tienen un pequeño defecto, un defecto presente en todas las pantallas OLED del mercado. Hablamos del efecto “burn-in”. Este efecto hace que algunas imágenes de alto contraste de la interfaz de usuario permanezcan en la pantalla como un reflejo cuando ya no deberían estar ahí. Además, muchos usuarios se han quejado porque sus tonalidades son muy azules.

7. Sus nuevos y enrevesados gestos táctiles

Como Apple ha retirado finalmente el icónico botón Home del iPhone X, ahora el terminal requiere otro tipo de gestos táctiles y combinaciones de botones para ciertas funciones. Pero algunos de estos gestos táctiles son realmente enrevesados y complejos . Por ejemplo, para pasar al App Switcher (Multitarea) hay que deslizar el dedo desde abajo y hacer un movimiento en forma de arco. Demasiado complicado.

The iPhone X has such a drastic design change that the company on the block has decided to remove the Touch ID feature. The fingerprint sensor has been implemented in the iPhone’s previous generation home button, but because the iPhone X has an OLED display that covers the entire front, the company has been unable to implement this system. Now, iPhone X users will only be able to use Face ID facial recognition technology (or the traditional password) to unlock their handsets.

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