7 new rumors about iPhone 12 that you won’t like

The first half of 2020 has been very intense in terms of rumors about Apple, and the iPhone 12 has taken almost all the limelight. We know that Apple is going to introduce 4 new models of iPhone 12 by introducing a smaller 5.4 inch option, and increasing the size of the Pro range. A few weeks ago it seemed that everything was already clear, but now everything has changed.

In the last few weeks we have received contradictory rumors that change many of the features of the iPhone 12 that we had taken for granted. We have collected the 7 that we like the least and that we hope will not be fulfilled.

Without charger and headphones

7 new rumors about iPhone 12 that you won’t like
7 new rumors about iPhone 12 that you won’t like

It’s the latest rumour to appear, the iPhone 12 will not include any kind of accessory in the box beyond the charging cable. That is, we will have neither charger nor EarPods included. Several analysts and filterers have confirmed this, so it seems quite probable. Apple’s main argument would be to reduce costs due to the 5G chips that will be included in these 4 new iPhone 12.

More than possible delay

Apple has not been oblivious to the global situation we have experienced and has been forced to delay the start of production of the iPhone 12. This means that the most likely is that the iPhone 12 will not be launched in September and we will not see it until October of this year at the earliest. Some even think they will be delayed until 2021.

With the same notch

Many are the filters that assured that the notch of the iPhone 12 would be reduced this year , occupying approximately half of the current one. We took it for granted, but the latest leaks have revealed that Apple may keep the same notch on the iPhone 12 for another year . Bad news, especially in the new 5.4 inch model that will barely have any space at the sides in case this rumour is true.

Without 120 Hz ProMotion display

Another one of those rumors that seemed real and that have collapsed in the last few weeks. It was known that Apple was thinking of introducing a screen with ProMotion technology in the iPhone 12 Pro like those in the iPad Pro. This way everything would be much more fluid when reaching 120 Hz , but now there are new rumors that deny this feature and assure that it will not come this year.

More expensive than expected

When the prices of the iPhone 12 were leaked a few months ago we were pleasantly surprised, far from increasing the iPhone 12 would be cheaper. The small 5.4-inch model would reduce its price to $649, and the Pro models would remain stable. Now a new rumor claims that they won’t , that they won’t go down in price but will go up by 50 dollars.

No LiDAR sensor?

The big new feature of this year’s iPad Pro is designed to enhance the augmented reality experience, but it can also be a great help when taking portrait photos. Everyone had assumed that this fourth LiDAR sensor would come to the iPhone 12 Pro , but now it seems that the camera system will still be triple this year.

A not-so-good 5G

5G is still expanding and there are different types and technologies, some cheaper than others. It seems that the cheaper iPhone 12 will not have the 5G mmWave technology , which will allow us to have better coverage in places with a much more saturated network.

Let’s hope that these rumors don’t come true and that we have a dream iPhone 12, as the rumors said a few weeks ago. We’ll have to wait and see if there are any new developments related to the iPhone 12 during the summer, or wait until September or October to see them.

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