7 iPhone SE 2020 enhancements over iPhone 8

The much talked about and awaited iPhone SE 2, finally called the iPhone SE, is now with us after a long wait. Apple decided that yesterday was the day and presented its new iPhone SE of 2020 at 17:00 in Spain. This device follows step by step the same plan of the first iPhone SE, a recycled design of previous devices, smaller and more manageable than most smartphones, with the power of the highest range and with a very affordable price.

However, you probably think that this device is just a slightly changed iPhone 8, so let’s tell you the main improvements included in the iPhone SE 2020 with respect to the iPhone 8 . And they are more important than the change in position of the Apple apple, we assure you.

New camera and new options

7 iPhone SE 2020 enhancements over iPhone 8
7 iPhone SE 2020 enhancements over iPhone 8

Although the camera may look the same, it still has 12 megapixels, there are many important changes that make it probably the best camera on the market at this price. We do not know at the moment if this iPhone uses the sensor of the iPhone XR or the iPhone 11, what seems clear is that has many advanced features that did not have the iPhone 8 , these are:

  • Portrait mode that blurs the background, both in the rear camera and in the selfie camera.
  • Depth control to regulate the level of background blur before or after taking the photo.
  • Portrait Lighting with the six studio effects that iPhone 11 also has.

  • State-of-the-art intelligent HDR.
  • QuickTake for when you’re taking a picture and suddenly want a video, record it instantly by just holding down the shutter button.

Processor A13 Bionic

The iPhone SE features the latest processor from Apple, the A13 Bionic, which is the same chip used in the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro and gives the iPhone SE incredible power. You may wonder why a device like the iPhone SE needs this power, but a clear example is the one above. The iPhone Se would not be able to do all those effects and give us those camera options without this processor .

In addition, the iPhone SE is a device designed for those who buy a smartphone every few years and do not want to complicate themselves, with the A13 Bionic processor they are guaranteed updates for at least 5 years .

Haptic Touch

The 3D Touch has definitely come to life and has gradually disappeared from the iPhone and been replaced by Haptic Touch, a technology that simulates this touch and takes up less internal space. The iPhone 8 was the only device that Apple sold with this technology and the iPhone SE 2020 now incorporates Haptic Touch .

Dual SIM with eSIM

As with the latest iPhone, the new iPhone SE has a dual SIM so you can use two cards on your device at once. The method Apple uses is through eSIM, a virtual SIM card that is available from many operators and makes signing up much easier.

More capacity options

Descarga los fondos de pantalla del nuevo iPhone SE para iPhone y iPad

Wi-Fi 6

El nuevo iPhone SE es compatible con las redes Wi-Fi 6, al igual que los últimos modelos de iPad Pro y de iPhone 11, lo que quiere decir que está preparado para las nuevas redes inalámbricas que están a punto de llegar a nuestros hogares y que nos permitirán una mayor velocidad, hasta 9 Gbps de velocidad teórica máxima.

Más barato

No hay que olvidar que hasta ayer el iPhone 8 se vendía en las Apple Store, y su precio era de 539 euros. El nuevo iPhone SE es mucho más potente y actual, y además es más barato ya que parte de los 489 euros, una rebaja interesante en un dispositivo mucho más moderno.

The iPhone 8 was available in two versions of 64 and 128GB of internal memory, the new iPhone SE doubles the possible internal storage as we can choose versions of 64, 128, and 256GB of internal storage . Those who always need extra storage will appreciate it.

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