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7 Fantastic Clash of Clans Tricks for iPhone and iPad

Collect elixir, get lots of gold and improve your walls with these 7 great tips and tricks for the Clash of Clans game for iPhone and iPad . Clash of Clans is an incredibly popular strategy game on iOS that teleports us into highly addictive battles in a multiplayer mode that already has millions of players.

For those of you who are not familiar with Clash of Clans, in this strategy game you will have the possibility to play in single player mode following a series of levels of attack and defense or play in a multiplayer mode where other players will attack your base to win gold, resources and ranking positions.

1 – Use shields wisely

7 Fantastic Clash of Clans Tricks for iPhone and iPad
7 Fantastic Clash of Clans Tricks for iPhone and iPad

Being attacked is not to anyone’s liking, but fortunately you can count on the help of a protective shield . To make our shield stay intact for longer, we have to avoid attacking it for a certain amount of time, although you can fight in clan battles.

2 – The best defense is a good offense

If defense is our primary interest, we’ll have to focus on attacking other bases. If you have received an attack before, you better return the offense and leave your enemies out of it , at least for a good period of time they will not attack again.

3 – Be patient and save your gems

The biggest temptation in this type of casual game free-to-play is to spend the gems as soon as possible to finish the constructions, train the soldiers, etc. But if we are patient enough to save and store our gems the reward will be twice as beneficial .

4 – Learning to use a good strategy

The mechanics of Clash of Clans strategic battles force us to form walls around our buildings, placing the most important ones in the center of our military base. An effective strategy is to surround our buildings with tight walls and keep your towers and defenses positioned close to the center.

5 – Making friends

Once we have completed all the levels or missions in the individual mode and have reached a good level in our base, we will be ready to start joining one of the clans . They are an ideal way to socialize, learn new tactics and perform coordinated attacks.

6 – Choose your objectives well

To find enemies who are likely to lose the battle against us in this game of strategy, we will have to take a good look at their statistics. First , look at the level of their main base , if it’s lower than ours we can attack without fear. Before attacking, you should take a good look at your enemies’ weaknesses and entry points.

7 – Create armies in clan battles

We have a full day to prepare before the battle begins. It is essential to take into account the conditions and characteristics of the rival bases to create a customised armada . As our iMore colleagues point out, if their air defenses are not very advanced it is better to attack from above, if their defense walls are not very well organized it is better to attack from the ground.

These have been our tips and tricks for the Clash of Clans. Most players will surely know many more tricks about this popular and addictive game, if so, share them with us in the comments section!

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