7 effective tricks to free up space on your iPhone without deleting apps

Let’s face it: Nobody likes to delete apps – even if they don’t use them – to free up space on our iPhone . So we’ve decided to collect the 7 best tricks for freeing up space on your iPhone without having to delete apps or install others, so you can make the most of your iPhone’s storage capacity. Also, remember that you can free up a lot of memory on your iPhone or iPad by installing this app.

Stop storing old messages forever

Yeah, I know, that mythical conversation with your then girlfriend – and now ex – should be framed. But, do you really need all the messages from so long ago? Abandon your technological Diogenes syndrome and let them go, because your iPhone saves your messages forever.

7 effective tricks to free up space on your iPhone without deleting apps
7 effective tricks to free up space on your iPhone without deleting apps

How do you prevent this from happening and save a lot of space? Go to Settings> Messages and scroll down to Message History . There you’ll enter another screen that allows you to select between always, a year or 30 days. Choose with head.

By the way, if you need to save any conversations, it’s time to do so before you accept and the iPhone proceeds to delete them.

Beware of duplicate photos

You may have noticed that if you use HDR (High Dynamic Range) on your iPhone’s camera, two photos are saved: the HD and the normal quality , which is clearly illogical, because if you choose to take high quality photos yourself it’s because you obviously don’t want the normal quality one.

So we’re going to disable the duplicate save assuming we want the HDR camera, which obviously takes up more space. If we wanted just standard quality, we’d just disable HDR when we’re in camera mode.

Go to Settings> Photos & Camera and slide to the end, where you can turn off the Keep Normal Photo option.

If you have an iPhone 7 Plus, you’ll find this same feature in portrait mode, which you can also turn off to save space.

If you’re also an avid Instagrammer, you’ll see that your iPhone also saves two photos, the original and the one you retouch for Instagram. To get rid of that duplication, go to the Instagram app, tap your profile, and after tapping the settings icon, disable the option to save the original photo.

Watch out for streaming

Although they don’t take up as much space as the original photos, streaming photos are another duplication of your photos on your iPhone. To avoid this, let’s go to Settings> Photos and Camera and disable My streaming photos .

These photos will disappear from your iPhone’s view, but they will remain on your iCloud for thirty days from the day they were uploaded. Don’t worry, you’re not deleting the original photos or the stored iCloud photos , just from the streaming and not from the film. You will have to confirm when you do so.

Clear your browser cache

If you regularly use Safari to browse the Internet, it will gradually store your browsing history, data, and cookies, which over time take up a significant amount of space.


To clear the cache, go to Settings> Safari and scroll down to the option Clear Website History and Data . Your iPhone will ask you to confirm the order and that’s it, space freed up!

Delete downloaded music

Let’s face it, in the era of Spotify, Apple Music or SoundCloud, storing music on your device has become a somewhat obsolete habit . Because streaming music gives us access to an endless catalogue of great hits, classics, new releases, music to suit our individual tastes… something that stored music is not capable of satisfying.

To do this, let’s Settings> General> Storage and iCloud and in Manage Storage click on Music . On the screen displayed you will see the list of music you have stored on your device. Click on Edit and proceed to delete all or any music you don’t listen to.

Delete downloaded Podcasts

Unlike music, the podcasts you’ve heard will probably never be heard again. So if you’re a fan, we recommend you delete them once you’ve heard them. The process is very similar to the previous section: go to Settings> Podcasts and check the option for Delete Played .

You should also limit the download of episodes as much as possible – you have the option to download only new or unplayed episodes – and how many to download.

Clear your reading list

In case you didn’t know, unlike bookmarks, the Safari reading list allows us to read web pages without an Internet connection. To help us understand each other, it stores web pages on your device so you can access them offline. Some people tend to get confused and end up accumulating huge amounts of pages to read.

To delete it, let’s go to Settings> General> Storage and iCloud . In Manage Storage go to Safari and in the new screen press edit and deactivate the offline reading list.

With these simple tricks, we will optimize the space of our iPhone by removing files that are either duplicated or unused.

In my case, I got almost 2GB of space . How much space did you get? Do you know any other tricks or tips to gain space on the iPhone? Leave your opinion in the comments


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