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64GB of Base Storage, LTE, Stylus and More

We are just over a day away from Apple’s management going on stage at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium to present the new iPhone 6s, the Apple TV and possibly a few other surprises. Among those surprises would be the iPad Pro, the rumored 12.9-inch tablet, of which today we bring you all the features it is believed to have.

The iPad Pro is a tablet that many call “professional” because it would be focused mainly on that sector. It would have a 12.9-inch screen and according to the latest rumours would rule out the 16GB storage option as the base model.

64GB of Base Storage, LTE, Stylus and More
64GB of Base Storage, LTE, Stylus and More

Here’s a compilation of all the features that could go with the iPad Pro , tablet that rumor has it will be presented tomorrow on the iPhone 6s Keynote.

Possible features of the iPad Pro, the 12.9-inch tablet

According to the latest rumours, the base storage for the iPad Pro will be 64GB and will also be available in 128GB. In addition, the possibility of another model with more capacity is not ruled out, which makes a lot of sense considering that the iPad Pro will be focused on professional use.

As far as the operating system is concerned, t odo points out that it will come with iOS 9.1 , which would have some features and innovations specific to the iPad Pro. In addition, it has been discussed that it will include support for LTE, Apple’s A9X processor, four stereo speakers and a single Lightning port on the bottom.

The 12.9-inch screen of the iPad Pro, on the other hand, will allow you to use real multitasking in split-screen mode with ease. Other rumors indicate that the iPad Pro will arrive with two keyboards and a stylus with Force Touch support, although these accessories will be sold separately .

The iPad Pro wouldn’t start selling until November

If the information is true, the iPad Pro will be available on the market at the beginning of November , although Apple could be having problems in production and its arrival would be delayed for some weeks. As for the colors, the iPad Pro would keep the color silver, space gray and gold.

Finally, you shouldn’t expect the iPad Pro to be affordable , because rumour has it that it could cost as much as the new 12-inch MacBook.

Anyway, we’ll get out of it in tomorrow’s Keynote, which we’ll comment on live on iPadizate. We’ll be waiting for you here!