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6 ways to protect an iPhone

The iPhone is probably the most loved object we carry around with us at all times, accompanying us everywhere. This is precisely why it is the most exposed to accidents, such as bumps, falls or even theft. So, to avoid greater evils today we give you a series of tips so that your precious phone can stand up to your pace of life much better.

If you’ve ever dropped your iPhone on the floor and it’s been shredded, you’ll know what a wallet-slapper that is. It’s also possible that you dropped it and after a heart attack it came out unscathed and you promised yourself that you would never go out again without a case on your beloved phone.

6 ways to protect an iPhone
6 ways to protect an iPhone

Well, in today’s article we are going to show you some tricks or tips to improve the security of your iPhone , both physically and personally.

Use a cover

It’s the first piece of advice you need if you want your iPhone to get out unscathed and you’re a pushover. Besides being the simplest and most widespread way to protect it, it is the one that will give it the most personality due to the billions of types of cases , of all shapes, sizes, prices and colors.

We can choose from classic, rigid, silicone and any other material covers. We have at our disposal bumpers , pocket cases, hard covers that cover the whole phone, battery cases, or even waterproof cases, which will turn our iPhone into a Transformer but we will be able to use it on the beach.

It’s true that for the most purist, it’s quite uncomfortable to carry your iPhone in a sheath, but it’s the price you have to pay to save its life in case of a fall. I, for example, consider myself a bit of a handful, and I have rarely dropped my iPhone on the floor, with the luck that it has always come out unscathed . It’s a risk I prefer to take in exchange for the feeling of having an iPhone naked in your hand, where you can enjoy 100% of its finishes and materials.

Put a screen protector on it

It’s the perfect complement to the case. However, if we spend 700 euros on a phone but then we buy 10 protectors for 1 euro on eBay, then the most normal thing is that our iPhone almost disgusts to touch it . Our fat will stick to the case, the screen will lose sensitivity and bubbles will form that do more damage than they help.

However, if you carry your iPhone in your pocket along with keys or coins, it is mandatory that you put a screen cover on it if you don’t want the glass to get scratched , but buy a quality one. However, if you’re the type who carries your phone in a dedicated pocket, you don’t need to put a protector on it, as the Gorilla glass on the iPhone is tough enough to withstand daily use perfectly.

Don’t take him to the beach

There are many of us who leave our iPhone in the car or at home when we go to the beach. The sand and cream on our hands can be the worst enemies of the extension of our body, the iPhone.

So, if you need to carry it by necessity, we recommend a waterproof case that protects the phone well, otherwise it will end up with the scratched screen being carried around with other things in the beach bag and the sand will end up inside any hole, which is quite unpleasant.

The iPhone and the toilet are not good friends

You won’t be the first or last person to lose their iPhone in the toilet. It’s the biggest laugh of your friends if you tell them how you lost your iPhone. So if you have buttery hands, you’d better leave your iPhone in your pocket or away from the urinal, for its own health .

Make him an insurance

It is an option offered by all operators, phone shops or even Apple itself (although the latter only for breakages). It is a previous payment, monthly or at the moment of the purchase in which they assure us that they will give us a completely new terminal in case of a fall or a theft .

That said, it depends on how careless we are with these kinds of services. In case we don’t have to use them we will think that we have thrown away the money, but if it happens that our phone is stolen or falls on the floor with the bad luck that it ends up being destroyed, we will have the peace of mind that they will give us a new one .

Activate the Find My iPhone option

As a final piece of advice, we have left a free one that no one should do without, as it is one of the most useful and gives value to the iPhone by itself. It is the well-known Search My iPhone, which many have activated and do not know that they can locate the iPhone in case of theft , or even activated when they first set up their iPhone.

It is an integrated service in iOS and is part of iCloud that will allow us to track our phone in case of loss or theft , block it or delete the information remotely, or even send a message to whoever has it in his possession to return it to us.

In iOS 7 it brings new advantages, so we recommend that you always activate it under any circumstances . To check if you have it activated go to Settings> iCloud> Search My iPhone .

So much for our tips on how to best protect your iPhone. If you can think of any different from the ones we’ve mentioned or have a story or anecdote to tell, don’t hesitate to do so in the comments, we’ll be happy to hear from you .

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