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6 Tricks to Take Advantage of iOS 7 that we don’t have in iOS 6

We’ve been discovering small and large features of iOS 7 for a few weeks now. As you know, we are already in the third beta of Apple’s mobile operating system and more and more things are appearing that have changed compared to iOS 6.

Let’s see 6 tips or tricks so you can get the most out of the iOS 7 beta version installed on your devices. Let’s go!

Manual application update

6 Tricks to Take Advantage of iOS 7 that we don’t have in iOS 6
6 Tricks to Take Advantage of iOS 7 that we don’t have in iOS 6

As we have already mentioned, iOS 7 features the automatic update of applications in the background . However, if for some reason you want to update your applications manually (e.g. if you don’t want a certain application to be updated) , you should turn off the automatic update option. To do this go to Settings -> iTunes and App Store and uncheck the Updates option in the automatic downloads section.

Change font size

In iOS 6 we can change the text size in the Accessibility part. In iOS 7 beta we have a new option to change the font size outside the Accessibility section. The adjustment will be made only in some supported applications . If you want to change the text size you can go to Settings -> General -> Text size.

Close applications in the multitasking interface

One of the big changes in iOS 7 is the way it manages multitasking. Now when you double-tap the Home button you’ll see the icons of the applications that are open and a preview of each one. To close an application now all we need to do is “launch” it upwards. This is much quicker and easier than holding down and when you’re shaking press the X, as we have to do in iOS 6 and earlier.

On foot or by car? Now we can select it in the Maps application

In the Apple Maps application we did not have the possibility, until now, to select Route on foot to go somewhere. This has changed in iOS 7. To activate it we have to go to Settings -> Maps and at the end we have the option to select it.

Widescreen images as wallpaper

You probably know that in iOS 7 when you move the device the image you have as a background moves. Well, to take advantage of this new functionality, we can set widescreen photos as your wallpaper. If we do that, when we move the screen we can see the image rotating and seeing it in its entirety.

Level included in the Compass application

In ActualidadiPhone they have found a new function within the compass application. This is a level . There are some third party applications for it, but hey, if Apple offers it to us natively, then we win. To use this function we have to access the Compass application and slide the screen from right to left.

And so far, 6 new iOS 7 features that will help you make better use of the new operating system for the apple. Did you know them?

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