6 reasons to start using Apple Pay

If buying on the Internet is still taboo for some, what about payments via the smartphone? Many users are still reluctant to accept these new methods because they think they are not secure, and nothing could be further from the truth. Apple Pay has matured enough since it landed in Spain to take this into account .

It is safe, compatible with most major banks and, most importantly, very convenient . But if this hasn’t convinced you, read these 6 reasons why you should use it.

6. One day you will forget your wallet, and there will be Apple Pay

6 reasons to start using Apple Pay
6 reasons to start using Apple Pay

It may still be too early to make all our payments via mobile, especially since there are shops that accept them from a minimum due to the issue of commissions. However, it never hurts to have a plan B just in case .

Unforeseen events occur when we have to face an expense but we do not have enough money or we have forgotten our wallet . In these cases, Apple Pay can be our salvation.

5. You will save time on payments

Apple Pay uses Near Field Technology (NFC) to make transactions. It is much faster than swiping a card or having to enter a PIN to complete a payment.

The problem is that not all shops accept it at the moment . It’s worth checking periodically which shops are compatible with it. But if you’re one of those who drinks a Starbucks coffee every morning, you’ll be able to use it.

4. Sending money to friends

Before the arrival of Apple Pay, there were three ways to give money to friends: PayPal, bank transfer or in hand . Now, with Apple’s service, you can forget about them.

Less than a year ago, Apple updated the service and now allows you to send payments to friends and family . So easy that we only need your phone number to send you a message with the desired amount. All from an iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch.

This is thanks to Apple Pay Cash , and once you start using it you will realize that it is much easier to use than PayPal or Google Pay. As long as you pay with a debit card there is no extra charge. But for credit cards, there is a 3% fee that we must take into account to avoid surprises.

At the moment, this function is not available in Spain, but its release seems imminent .

3. More and more services are compatible

When Apple Pay arrived, very few shops accepted it, which caused a feeling of rejection by users. However, this has changed so that is compatible with a wide variety of brands . In the United States alone, by the end of 2018, the service should be an option for 60% of retailers. Chains such as Pizza Hut, Safeway, Jamba Juice, 7-11, among others.

On top of that, Apple Pay on the web is also growing overwhelmingly .

2. Membership cards


Using Apple Pay requires Wallet, an app that many do not see the point of, but which is extremely useful. Its function is to group membership cards in one place . In Spain, some of the supported shops are Carrefour, Ikea, Desigual, BP and Leroy Merlin.

But it doesn’t stop there, because we can also store boarding passes, hotel room keys and access to buildings . More than useful if you travel often.

Safer than plastic cards

One of the main – if not the main – reason for using Apple Pay. We have already highlighted how safe it is to use this service from Cupertino’s, but that is his strong point .

Payments through Apple Pay are fully protected . When we make one, the details are stored in Apple Wallet, which are hosted in a secure location without an internet connection, and are only retrieved when necessary. No one can intercept them via Wi-Fi signals or copy them while they’re at your side.

A traditional credit card can be stolen, and you’d be surprised how fast it can be cloned with dedicated devices . In fact, it is one of the main sources for identifying theft around the world. In addition, spyware can read data entered from a credit card, and is becoming increasingly common.

For these reasons, using Apple Pay should be an option to consider and at least try it a couple of times to form an opinion.


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