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6 of the Best Apple-Related Jokes of April Fool’s Day

On April 1st the Anglo-Saxon world celebrates April Fool’s Day, a day full of jokes

Last Tuesday we opened April. For countries like ours this is nothing special, but in Anglo-Saxon countries it is a day to be very careful because they can play a joke on us when we least expect it. This day, known as the April Fool’s Day could be said to be the equivalent of our April Fool’s Day and during that day we could see several jokes in specialized websites, some of them related to Apple.

It’s very possible that last Tuesday you saw some strange or crazy news on English websites that you found hard to believe, especially if you didn’t know what day it was. Of course Apple and its products were the protagonists of more than one of these jokes .

6 of the Best Apple-Related Jokes of April Fool’s Day
6 of the Best Apple-Related Jokes of April Fool’s Day

We have to admit that some of these jokes have been created with great ingenuity and that’s why we would like to make a compilation with the 6 jokes related to Apple that we liked the most in this April Fool’s Day.

Chrome for iOS translates to Emoji

There are users who use the famous icons a lot in their day-to-day chat conversations to liven up those messages or to illustrate their mood, for example. Google, aware of this trend added to its Chrome browser for iOS and Android an integrated Emoji translator . Thanks to this translator, users can view all the content of web pages using emoticons.

The new Emoji translator from Google has a translation algorithm that interprets both the word definition of the web page and its context, tone and even the facial expression .

Flow Hard, a “Swype” style system for physical keyboards

There is currently an iOS application called Switfkey Note which allows us to make use of the Swype writing system for touch keyboards present on some Android devices. The company that created this system, which many users consider to be the fastest touch screen writing system, wanted to go one step further and launched Flow Hard .

Flow Hard is a Swiftkey system for physical keyboards so we can use our Mac keyboard much faster as if it were a touch screen. However, recommends the use of Swiftkey’s patented finger protectors to avoid getting hurt from skin wear or burns from rubbing. In addition, he claims that this method increases the speed of typing on a physical keyboard by up to 257%. Incredible, isn’t it?

Apple purchases iFixit

iFixit brings Apple down the road of bitterness. This company has been “gutting” the apple company’s devices for several years now when they are put on the market and Apple doesn’t like it at all. Tired of all this, the American company bought iFixit last April 1st although it was not known the figure for which they would have reached an agreement.

iFixit issued a press release that did not specify what would happen to it after the purchase, nor what would happen to all those employees who take apart all the Apple devices. For those of us who read it, the news was crazy and few believed it.

BookBook case for iMac

Surely more than one of you know about BookBook covers. These covers manufactured by Twelwesouth simulate the cover of an old book and are made for mobile devices such as the iPad. However, on Tuesday they launched a new model of BookBook cover that left no one indifferent.

As you can see from the image , this is a BookBook iMac case in the same style as the existing iPad case. Who hasn’t looked for a case to carry their iMac around?

Orbotix SelfieBot

Remember Weebo, the robot from the movie Flubber? You can see that in Orbotix, yes, because last Tuesday they presented SelfieBot, a new floating robot that will be able to capture all those little moments of everyday life that can be overlooked. This robot that is always ready to take a snapshot has two ways of working, either manually by operating it with the smartphone or completely independently.

Boeing to create drones with Apple technology

In the end, we left what undoubtedly turned out to be quite a coup. Boeing would create drones and weapons with Apple technology . According to the news, one of Boeing’s engineers saw that the case that is part of the MacBook Air was very resistant after it fell to the ground.

As a result, they began to investigate and saw that it could lead to drones with much stronger wings than had ever been seen before.

Which joke was the most ingenious for you? Is there one that you liked more and that is not in our compilation?

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