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6 iPhone 6 Things Apple Must Change

How quickly time passes! Believe it or not, the iPhone 6 has been with us for 5 months now . It’s a smartphone with great features, but everything can always be improved and today we tell you 6 aspects of the current model that Apple needs to take into account when manufacturing the new iPhone 7 .

One of the latest rumors to emerge on the web is that Apple could launch the iPhone 6s and iPhone 7 in 2015, although they would make two separate launches. However, we are focusing today on the second model, as it is the one that sounds the strongest for this year .

6 iPhone 6 Things Apple Must Change
6 iPhone 6 Things Apple Must Change

On other occasions there has been talk of the possibility of the iPhone 7 having Project Phire, a new glass created by Corning that has the hardness of Gorilla Glass 4 and the resistance of sapphire. With the iPhone 6 there was hope that Apple would use a sapphire glass screen, but finally it didn’t , so it would be great news to see how they use this new material in the next flagship.

After several months of use, there are people who already have their opinion about the iPhone 6 and have made their own list with the things that Apple should take into account to improve it on the iPhone 7 and make it an incredible smartphone.

Longer battery life

With iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, Apple added higher-capacity batteries, which also means longer battery life. But today, that’s still a tall order for manufacturers. With the iPhone 7 there are users who wouldn’t mind a little more thickness than the current model in order to include a larger battery that provides greater autonomy.

Quick charge

Another thing that would be great to see on the iPhone 7 would be the possibility of having a quick charge function . Wouldn’t you like to have your smartphone charged in a few minutes? Currently, iPhone 6 charges much faster if you use an official 2.5A iPad charger than if you use the 1A standard.

Wireless charging

We’re still on the subject of drums. When iPhone 6 and 6 Plus hit the market, it was surprising that Apple had not yet included wireless charging , a feature that other competing smartphones have. So it would be great if iPhone 7 could finally include this type of charging, because we’ll avoid having to use cables.

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Increasing Apple Pay’s presence

Although this could not be considered a specific feature of the iPhone 7, many users expect Apple to continue working to promote and increase the presence of Apple Pay worldwide . For now, it can only be used in the United States or abroad, but only if you use American credit cards, while users in other countries are still waiting to take advantage of the mobile payment service. The iPhone 7 will also have NFC support, so it is expected that the company will expand its borders before this smartphone reaches the market .

Changes in design: flat edges

It must be said that the design of iPhone 6 is spectacular. It’s only 6.9 millimeters thick and the rounded edges fit perfectly. However, it’s a little uncomfortable to use when doing some actions such as taking pictures. That’s why it would be nice if the iPhone 7 could have the flat edges of previous generations again which makes the device easier to hold .

Replace the power button

One of the changes Apple made to iPhone 6 was to change the location of the Power Button on the right side of the device to make it easier for the user to press it. This is located just at the same height as the volume buttons on the left side and is very easy to accidentally press with your thumb when you hold the phone to take a picture . So it would be perfect to move it slightly on the iPhone 7 or why not, return it to the top as in previous generations.

These are the features and things that Apple should be aware of for iPhone 6 for iPhone 7 according to the guys at Forbes. You probably have your preferences too, so we invite you to tell us in comments what you would improve for the new flagship of the company.

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