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6 apps you need on your iPhone


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6 apps you need on your iPhone6 apps you need on your iPhone


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In recent years, cycling has become one of the most popular sports. Not only because of the fun and pleasure of riding a bicycle, but also because of the benefits it has for the body. If we add to this the constant contact with nature , with friends or alone, we have an almost perfect sport.

So, if you like to go out cycling (either alone or with friends or in competitions) you might want to use one of these applications that relatively improves your exercise experience .

If you want to go on bike trips in the most correct way and providing that extra comfort you can make use of one of these applications, each with a different main functionality :

  • Runtastic Road Bike: The perfect application to find your perfect routes. Thanks to the information it has about your physical condition, your location and your capabilities, it is able to offer you the best routes to do alone, with friends or with strangers.
  • Strava: Strava is possibly the favorite application of every self-respecting cyclist. In it we can take a progress of our exercises and see how we evolve and advance. The application is very simple but with excellent tools, because it also allows us to see the progress of our friends.
  • ViewRanger: An application made especially for mountains. If you like to get lost in nature with your bike, ViewRanger routes are the best of all, because we can use them without an Internet connection and with detailed data of the areas, such as topographic information.
  • RideU: Unlike ViewRanger, RideU focuses exclusively on cities. In fact, it’s not about providing you with routes or information about cities, but about connecting and using the different public bike services that exist in cities around the world.
  • Lifesum: Before, during, and after a bike ride, it is important to take care of your diet. Lifesum is a complete nutritionist on your iPhone with advice on nutrition, hydration, and energy recovery.
  • Sworkit: Finally we have Sworkit, which helps us to recover our physical shape and rest. Its relaxation and stretching exercises allow us to correctly finish a bicycle exercise.