6 applications to learn how to program in iOS

At the height of summer it is a good time to consider learning new things and taking advantage of the time . What better way to do this than to learn how to program in iOS, and to do so what better way than to start with the basics on the iPhone or iPad itself. That’s why today we bring you a series of applications that will allow you to start programming.

Some of the applications are more basic and even “childish”, others have a more professional and technical content . In any case, they are ideal applications both for teaching your children the world of programming and for getting started yourself.

Applications to start programming

  • TapCoding: This application is one of the best to learn Swift, the iOS programming code. Through small lessons we can easily go from apprentice to intermediate level. TapCoding works like an interactive book, as it allows us to perform different exercises and interact with the lessons it offers. It is available for free in the App Store.
  • Swifty: Swifty is an application that works very similar to TapCoding, although it is more focused on providing a code that has missing parts to complete in order to see the executed result. The application is divided into chapters that allow us to learn different Swift topics and try them out ourselves. Try it yourself by downloading it from the App Store.
  • Hopscotch: This application has been designed to teach the little ones code, but that doesn’t mean you can’t try it too. We just have to drag and drop blocks of code and run it to see how the basics work. You can not only start a new project but take as an example others already created and modify them to your liking. You can download it for free from the App Store.
  • iTunes U: More than an application, iTunes U is a repository of different programming courses. As we all know, from iTunes U we can search and download different lessons and programming courses or other subjects. There are many courses about programming, both in English and Spanish. Find the ones you like the most with the iOS application.
  • WWDC: Just today we saw Apple include the full transcript of the WWDC 2016 talks. So feel free to download the official WWDC application to learn from the different talks on new iOS and macOS or the new Developer’s Kit available for developers.
  • Swift Playgrounds: The Apple application created for the purpose of learning how to program in Swift. Only available on iPad and iOS 10, Swift Playgrounds offers a really complete service that allows us not only to learn lessons but to run them in real time on the iPad. In addition to this, developers can create learning material and integrate it into the application so that others can learn it as well. For now only available in the iOS 10 beta, in autumn it will be on the App Store.

Extra ball: take it seriously with a professional course

6 applications to learn how to program in iOS
6 applications to learn how to program in iOS

Don’t you think these applications are enough to start programming? Then you can start directly with something more technical and direct . Currently one of the best options in Spanish is Aprendiendo Swift 2 by Julio César Fernández, which offers a complete guide to start without knowing anything about Swift to be a professional.

The book is available in iTunes for you to read on iBooks and try out all the Swift features yourself. According to the car, you don’t have to worry that Swift 3 has been released, because in the fall you will have a free update with the new features . You already have plans for this summer.

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