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6 amazing new games from the iOS App Store


As we do every week, we bring you a fantastic selection of new games that have recently arrived on the iOS App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

6 amazing new games from the iOS App Store
6 amazing new games from the iOS App Store

This week there are very interesting new features, with games of all kinds. We have action games, skill games, adventure games… Are you going to miss it?

Without further ado, we begin with the compilation of the new games that have been published on the App Store over the last few days.


Battlejack is an entertaining card game in which you will have to collect the best heroes and fight in online multiplayer games against other players.


Bitgram is a highly addictive puzzle game that will challenge your reflexes and reaction times – a kind of modern tetris!

Cat Bird

In Cat Bird you will embark on a magical adventure by getting into the skin of a small bird cat on its way home. More than 40 levels, final bosses and a very nice story.

Radiation City

From the creators of Radiation Island comes to the App Store the new delivery entitled Radiation City, a very exciting game with stunning graphics. You will have to survive hundreds of radioactive zombies by improving your weapons and vehicles.


Clans is an entertaining action and strategy game that will invite you to create your own clan of soldiers in order to annihilate the zombies that have taken over the city. Very good gameplay, more than 40 levels and all kinds of weapons.


Vulkasus is an action-packed game in which you get to drive tanks and take on a lot of strange creatures like giant spiders, asteroids and space pirates. It offers up to 100 levels for you to destroy anything that moves with your tank.

So much for collecting new iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch games for the iOS App Store. As you may have noticed, most of them are completely free. And some of them have great graphics! Which one is your favorite? Have you downloaded them yet?


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