52% of Developers Will Leave iOS 6 to Focus on iOS 7

We’ve already talked several times about what it means for third-party application developers to make as big a change as the one iOS will receive with the next version. Some say that an upgrade will be sufficient to adapt an application to iOS 7, while others say that it will be necessary to completely redesign their applications and therefore need to be re-launched in the App Store as a new application.

What seems to be clear to all developers is that iOS 7 will be a success and will be very well received by users. With this in mind, it seems that they have decided to act accordingly.

According to a survey, 52% of developers will leave iOS 6 to focus on the new iOS 7

52% of Developers Will Leave iOS 6 to Focus on iOS 7
52% of Developers Will Leave iOS 6 to Focus on iOS 7

This is an informal survey conducted by Craig Hockenberry of Furbo.org . The survey results show that 95% of the application developers are in the process of updating their applications to iOS 7, while 52% said they have left iOS 6 entirely to focus on the new mobile operating system on the block. According to Hockenberry, the upgrade to iOS 7 has proven to take much more work than previous versions, but “the results are impressive” .

At first glance it may seem very strange that so many developers have decided to leave an active operating system behind. In the Android world this would be unthinkable due to the brutal fragmentation. But the reason why this can be done with iOS 6 is, as I mentioned before, the adoption rate of new software versions by users , which is extremely high.

The survey was conducted via a Google form and in just 24 hours had 575 valid responses . Sources close to the developers claim that most of them are keen to update their applications but maintaining the highest possible compatibility. The good news we can draw from this information is that most developers are working hard to get their applications ready for iOS 7 release. The bad news is that if you have an older device that does not support iOS 7 you may have to think about upgrading your hardware.

On the other hand, Hockenberry also describes the difference between adapting an application and adapting a game:

Since screen sizes don’t seem to change this year on the company’s new devices, at least developers have more time to adapt their applications to match the new look of iOS 7. As they say in Padgadget, iOS 7 is one of the biggest changes Apple has made in recent years and we’re all looking forward to seeing how developers adapt our favorite applications to Apple’s new system. You too?

It’s official!

Confirmed! Apple will hold a Keynote on September 10th in which the final version of iOS 7 and a few iPhones will be presented. Maybe iPhone 5C, maybe iPhone 5S or even iPhone 6… Although there are also rumors about iPad 5 and iWatch. What will Apple surprise us with this time?

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