WhatsApp is the most widely used instant messaging application, with over 600 million active users, but it is not the most advanced application of its kind and other applications are ahead of it in some respects, such as VoIP calls.

Many users expect to be able to call using the WhatsApp application. But as the developers themselves said, this new feature will arrive next year 2015. What we do have are the first sketches of what the voice call service interface could look like, which we will now show you.

First images of VoIP service on WhatsApp

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We already have the first images of what the new VoIP service will look like in the WhatsApp application . The images have not come from the company itself or the developers, but from the people of Android World, who went inside the APK of the latest version and found some interesting things.

With the images and text they were able to collect from the WhatsApp APK for Android, they have put together a fairly concise design of what the new voice call service could look like. You can see from the image above that the new service will integrate seamlessly into the interface, looking very similar to the one the application currently has .

While WhatsApp may require an interface redesign to improve several aspects, VoIP integration will not require a dramatic change to accommodate the new functionality. Or at least that’s what the Android World sketches reflect.

WhatsApp in the queue for VoIP service

This is perhaps one of the most negative points of the instant messaging application and even more so if we see that almost all competing applications already have the voice call service . When Facebook bought the WhatsApp application many of us feared that the social network would end up absorbing the messaging application, but this has not been the case and everyone has gone their own way.

But neither has the purchase helped the messaging application evolve and show new features, beyond the one hated by many “double blue checks”, which fortunately can now be deactivated. The creator of Telegram himself mentioned that WhatsApp was lagging behind, referring to this particular feature and that it is now available in his application.

In 2015, great news is expected from WhatsApp . In addition to the inclusion of the popular voice call service, there is also a rumour that the application could be made available to browsers, with a specific version for them, so that the application can be used from the computer if the phone is not available. The latter would be a great advance for the company and would surely further enhance the use of the application, there would be many users who choose it only for this new service.

On the other hand we don’t know if a version of WhatsApp for Apple tablet will arrive at some point, but if you have the Jailbreak done you can choose to install WhatsPad on the iPad from the BigBoss repository.

In the absence of the new VoIP service we have these first images of what the service could look like and which we have come to know thanks to Redmond Pie. This design is not the definitive one, it is more, it is only an interface designed as a sketch or very preliminary design and not made by the developers of the application themselves.

Do you use WhatsApp regularly? What would you like to see in the application that is not yet available? Leave us your impressions and answers in the comments.

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