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5 Tips for Using 3D Touch on iPhone 6s

La funcionalidad 3D Touch del iPhone 6s se podrá usar con protectores de pantalla

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¿Qué os parece la nueva función 3D Touch para iPhone 6s? Esta es tan solo una guía previa de uso de Peek y Pop que iremos completando según vayan apareciendo nuevos trucos. ¿Qué os gustaría que activara 3D Touch en vuestros smartphones?

5 Tips for Using 3D Touch on iPhone 6s
5 Tips for Using 3D Touch on iPhone 6s

The new iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus come with major hardware innovations . One of the new features is 3D Touch technology, which allows us to perform various actions thanks to some pressure-sensitive sensors .

Most users who are thinking of buying one of Apple’s new smartphones, which will go on sale on October 9 in Spain and Mexico, are already familiar with the basic functions…

However, there are still some secret tricks to using 3D Touch in different applications. In this short tutorial we will show you some of them.

User guide and tips for the 3D Touch

1. Safari Tabs

3D Touch gives you the opportunity to preview Safari tabs by clicking on them. By using the “Peek” function pressing softly we’ll see the preview, and by using “Pop” pressing harder we’ll open the tab.

2. Unread messages

In the iOS Messages application we will be able to see the unread messages without the receiver seeing that we have read their messages by “peeking” over them.

3. Contacts

If we use the 3D Touch function in the photograph of a contact within the applications Messages, Contacts, Mail, etc, we will see a drop-down menu with all the information of the contacts. From here we can initiate calls, messages and emails.

4. Quick answers

When you gently press within a message, you can scroll up to see some quick response default messages.

5. Text selection

Finally, and as we are told from iDownloadblog, if we select a word and keep our finger pressed to use 3D Touch and slide to one side we will select all the text in one movement automatically.

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