5 things you should know about the Apple Watch Series 4 ECG

The Apple Watch Series 4 has been a revolution compared to previous generations . While still maintaining a similar design, its screen has grown while its edges have become rounded. And although this is the change that attracts most attention at first glance, it is not the most impressive.

This honor falls on the electrocardiogram function . The Apple Watch Series 4 is the first device of its kind to offer this. Although it was announced in September, it has only been a few days since users can enjoy it, and not everyone. Only Americans have that right (for now).

5 things you should know about the Apple Watch Series 4 ECG
5 things you should know about the Apple Watch Series 4 ECG

The ECG has been talked about at length during these months, but it is possible that it has not yet been completely clear to you . We told you 5 things you should know about the electrocardiogram function.

5. What exactly is the ECG?

The ECG function allows users to easily perform an electrocardiogram with the Apple Watch. Thanks to its sensors, the application can capture the user’s heart rhythm and detect certain heart-related problems, such as irregular rhythms. In addition, as we have mentioned, it is the first device to offer this function on the domestic market without a prescription.

However, has some limitations . For example, he is not capable of heart attacks, blood clots or other dangerous conditions.

4. How do I get the feature on my Apple Watch?

As mentioned above, the ECG function that allows the electrocardiograms to be performed is exclusive to the Apple Watch Series 4 . No other previous model is compatible. In addition, users with the Series 4 must have both the iPhone and the watch updated to iOS 12.1.1 and watchOS 5.1.2 respectively.

Nor does this mean that all users who meet the above requirements can use it. Only inhabitants of the United States (and Puerto Rico) who have acquired both devices within the country will have this privilege. As the months go by, support is expected to arrive in more regions. Also, changing the region of the clock and mobile phone will not work as originally thought (this did work in the betas).

3. How to set up the ECG app

If you already have your devices updated to the minimum required versions, you can use the electrocardiogram function. But first, you will have to configure it via your iPhone . This is done via the Health application on your smartphone.

A window will open telling you if you want to configure it. It will then guide you through a series of steps . The Health app will ask for your date of birth as well as notify you of the processes and results that the function can take. Finally, it will tell you if the first reading is possible.

2. How to use the ECG app in the Apple Watch


When you finish setting up the feature on your iPhone for the first time, it will prompt you to do a first read on your Apple Watch. To do this, open the ECG app that will appear in the app drawer of your watch. Apple warns that for the reading to be correct, the watch must be securely fastened to your wrist.

Once you are sure that it is properly attached to your wrist, you must place one of your fingers on The Digital Crown for 30 seconds . During the process there will be a countdown to guide the user. When it reaches zero, simply press the end button. This is how the ECG function of the Apple Watch works.

1. How to view ECG data

The attraction of the ECG function is that it allows to export the data of the readings in PDF format so that your doctor can evaluate it. The results do not disappear after each reading, but are stored in the iPhone’s Health app. This ensures that all the data is well organized and ready for consultation at any time.

  1. We open the Health application
  2. Click on Health Data
  3. Heart
  4. Electrocardiogram
  5. You will see all the data pertaining to the function. From here you are given the option to export the readings in a PDF file so that you can send them to the doctor.

The Apple Watch is a device that is saving lives . There are many people with different testimonies of how the Cupertino’s smart watch has helped them stay alive. I’m sure the ECG function will continue to help even more people.


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