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5 things we want in the new Apple TV


Cupertino’s have greatly improved the fourth generation Apple TV from previous models. The new Siri Remote is much more efficient than its predecessor, both in terms of writing and navigation.

5 things we want in the new Apple TV
5 things we want in the new Apple TV

But the previous model of Apple TV had a quite interesting solution, the Remote application allowed us to type on the TV through the iPhone’s touch keyboard. Unfortunately this application, like the Podcasts app, has not yet reached tvOS 9.1.

This is a small sample of the improvements that Apple TV could include in its tvOS system , here are a few more reasons: 5 things we want in Apple TV.

Bluetooth support for keyboards

It’s really easy to sync your iPhone with your Apple TV, in fact, any iPhone (whatever the model) would be a simply great controller for this device. If Apple allowed us to connect the iPhone with the Apple TV via Bluetooth for typing it would make things much easier. Although it is true that thanks to the built-in microphone for the support with Siri we will need to write less and less.

Sharing and linking applications

With the advent of tvOS, users with a fourth-generation Apple TV will now have the opportunity to download and install third-party applications. But, unfortunately, there is no way to share or get download links. In fact, the developers cannot provide a link, which is really serious, very serious.

Access to Apple Music for Siri

This is essential, if Siri is already available on Apple TV, it should offer the same amenities as it does on the iPhone and iPad. At the moment, is not compatible with Apple Music or Home Sharing , a real shame.

Multiple Game Center accounts

Playing on Apple TV with games like Rayman Adventures, Crossy Road and Buddy Ball is fantastic, really fun, almost like the experience on Wii. But if a game has a multiplayer mode, what less than allowing two Game Center accounts to log in?

Picture-in-picture and Split View features

Everyone knows that tvOS 9 will go hand in hand with iOS 9, but they do not share the same functions. The truth is that it would be great to be able to watch videos while using other apps , or to use several apps simultaneously. Can you imagine how comfortable it would be to view content on Netflix while searching for apps on the App Store?


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