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5 Senses Wine, Discover the World of Wine on your iPad

Our article today is dedicated to a digital magazine published every two months and aimed at all those who love good wine, restaurants and wine tasting . We are talking about 5 Senses Wine, a totally free magazine that offers its readers a great variety and a lot of very interesting content.

Without a doubt, there is nothing better than a good glass of wine to warm up the atmosphere in this cold winter and enjoy an exquisite evening in the company of our people, and if we can also discover more things about wine, its pairing in gastronomy and the most famous wineries… even better!

5 Senses Wine, Discover the World of Wine on your iPad
5 Senses Wine, Discover the World of Wine on your iPad

Imagine how elegant you’ll look while dining in a fine restaurant with your partner and choosing a good wine thanks to the recommendations of 5 Senses Wine from your iPad. That’s how happy you are to order!

5 Senses Wine: For exquisite palates

If we wish to refine our sense of smell and taste to recognize a good wine, the interactive magazine 5 Senses Wine is a must on our iPad or iPhone. With it we will learn everything related to wines : Their history, vineyard estates, recommendations, curiosities, flavours, sensations…

The first issue of this magazine will reveal trips to areas of vineyard villas, interviews with popular characters, all the latest news about the world of wine, recipes to accompany a good drink, wine recommendations and even video tastings with which we will learn and much about this elegant drink.

On the cover

In the section “On the cover” we will visit the Torremilanos Farm , located in Aranda del Duero, Burgos. One of the richest areas in wine and vineyard culture and internationally known for its products and crops.

Finca Torremilanos is run by a family business that thanks to its good work has managed to position itself at the top of the national wine scene.


In this fun, illustrative and interesting section we will travel to Lanzarote, where we will discover cultivated vineyards among volcanoes, tapas, wines and all kinds of curiosities about this beautiful region of the Canary Islands. All this accompanied by articles very pleasant to read and interactive images.

Wine World: Videocata, Coupage and International

From this section we will have the pleasant opportunity to attend a tasting with Estrella Orti, wine expert, on video . A unique and very didactic experience with which she will recommend wines and with which we will learn all kinds of curiosities.

In Coupage, Frédéric Galtier will tell us about the competitions, awards and medals , as well as his appropriate selection of wines. In these contests, as he writes, no prize is given for the label or the history of the wine, but rather for a naked drink that touches on all sorts of sensations and experiences for the jury.

In the International subcategory we will go around the world until we reach California, the place in the United States with the greatest winemaking tradition and success . From here they will tell us about the most important characteristics of their wines, their practical data or reading labels.

And much more…

But the interactive digital magazine 5 Wine Senses will also offer us other sections such as 5SWSpotify , from which we can listen to a song; Short Drinks , with information and details about wines; Wine Selection , with recommendations; De Vinos Con… , where we can read an interview with popular TV presenter and journalist Màxim Huertas and much more.

What we liked best

  • The large number of sections and the excellent writing of its writers.
  • The possibility of discovering all kinds of curiosities and information about the world of wine.
  • The excellent interaction offered by the contents, both images and texts.

5 Wine Senses on video

We have analyzed it in video and we show you some of its pages and articles:

Download 5 Wine Senses for iPhone, iPad and iPad Mini

You can get this interesting interactive magazine completely FREE from the download button below, we recommend it!