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5 Reasons Why Your iPad Will Love OS X Mavericks

At Apple’s presentation last Tuesday, Cupertino’s company introduced more than just the new iPad. As we told you in iPadizate, the company from the apple took advantage of the event to present some new products in the MacBook Pro line, the Mac Pro and to announce the launch of OS X Mavericks.

The new version of the apple’s desktop operating system has undergone quite a few changes, among which we can highlight the great integration with the new iOS 7 and the synchronization possibilities offered by both systems.

5 Reasons Why Your iPad Will Love OS X Mavericks
5 Reasons Why Your iPad Will Love OS X Mavericks

What exactly do we mean? We’re going to talk about 5 different functions that were named in Tuesday’s presentation and that are a good example of how both operating systems collaborate. Let’s see them!

1. Application Maps

One of the great new features of OS X Mavericks is the new Maps application. This application has an interesting feature for our iOS devices and that is that you can send an address to the mobile device very easily. We can create a route on the computer and send it directly to our iPad or iPhone.

2. iMovie

If you’re a regular iMovie user, you probably have it installed on your iPad or iPhone as well as your Mac. With the new Theater feature we can enjoy our videos on any device through iCloud .

3. The iCloud key ring

The new iCloud keychain option is very interesting as it allows us to synchronize all our passwords and credit cards on all our devices . When the system needs one of these passwords, it will simply give us the opportunity to autocomplete it with the data it has saved.

4. New versions of iWork

If you use the Apple office suite, you’ll be very happy with the new design adapted to iOS 7. If you also have it on the Mac, the possibility of being able to write something on the computer and then complete it on the iPad or iPhone is really interesting.

5. iBooks

Finally, we have other star features of OS X Mavericks: the arrival of iBooks . Again, the synchronization between devices through iCloud is a wonder.

To finish, we leave you with a video made by Padgadget in which these 5 features are shown that make the use of Mavericks and iOS 7 at the same time a delight.

What do you think? Do you agree with these five reasons? Of course, these are some of the things that make it very difficult to get out when you enter the Apple universe.

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