5 Reasons why you might fail

The Apple Watch can be as much of a bestseller as it can be a failure, it’s a matter of where you look. We already offered you five reasons why the Apple Watch can be a success a few days ago, now let’s put ourselves on the other side of the scale and tell you five reasons that don’t quite convince us of Apple’s new smatwatch.

After evaluating five reasons why the new Cupertino’s clock could become a new bestseller, let’s look at the clock from a more pessimistic point of view and give five reasons why it could fail. The five possible reasons are listed below.

Lacks a defining feature

5 Reasons why you might fail
5 Reasons why you might fail

The iPod promised a thousand songs in your pocket, the iPad would bring the most popular features of a PC in a portable device and the iPhone brought the smartphones in the era of the Blackberry.

In the case of the Watch there is no point of distinction that makes the device stand out from the rest on the market . It does have the advantage of being able to track the user’s health data, but it is not a feature that sellers can use to define it as a unique or necessary product.

Needing an iPhone limits the market

If you don’t have an iPhone, you can’t use the Apple Watch. This is a big limitation because even though there are millions of people who have the iPhone, other brands’ phones still dominate the market.

This limits the purchase of the Apple watch to users who already own an iPhone. For example, a PC user could buy an iPad (a server for example) and someone with a Samsung tablet could choose a MacBook as their computer, but no Android user could be an Apple Watch user.

Many people do not wear a watch

Many people who have always worn a watch, have gradually replaced the habit of looking at the watch, with that of taking the phone out of the pocket to check the time . Is it really worth having a watch on your wrist? For those who still use a watch, perhaps it is, but for those who are not used to it, don’t see it as an option.

Perhaps the accessibility options provided by the Apple Watch will make the watch a good gadget for people with disabilities, being a great handicap.

One more gadget to carry around

We’re carrying more and more devices on our hands and if you’re an Apple Watch user, at least we know you’ll be carrying at least one iPhone as well. As it is not a standalone device, you will have to carry the iPhone as well, if you want to be able to use it. This may not be an obstacle for many people, but for some users who don’t like to carry a lot of things with them, maybe the option is not to buy the smartwatch.

It will be quite expensive

Ficha del Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is not an affordable accessory and $350 is not a cheap price. Moreover, since an iPhone is necessary, the cost is even higher, in the case of not having the Apple phone and as we said before, it is not a product intended for a very wide range of consumers. Few will be able to buy an iPhone in order to use the Apple Watch.

So far, five aspects that do not convince us of the smartwatch of the apple, which we have known thanks to Techradar.

What would you highlight from the Watch and what do you find not quite right? We would like to know your opinion in the comments.

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