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5 reasons to use Opera 10.5 on Mac OS X

I have recently made the transition from browser to Opera 10.5 under Mac OS X . Currently the browser is still in beta phase, it’s not a stable version and I still think it’s worth a try and why not? use it as your default browser.

I certainly have to admit that I love to test the developing versions of browsers, I like the risk so to speak. These versions are not very stable and usually show incompatibilities with some third party software, however, I think they are the bet to make the development of browsers evolve, an essential software in any operating system.

5 reasons to use Opera 10.5 on Mac OS X
5 reasons to use Opera 10.5 on Mac OS X

Let’s see in the extended entry what the reasons are for betting on Opera as the main browser .

Carakan, speed in its purest form

Without a doubt, one of the greatest advantages Opera has today is its new Javascript rendering engine, Carakan , which is eight times faster than the previous version of this browser and makes it the market leader in terms of Javascript code execution speed .

The truth is that after testing its performance in the loading of several pages that use javascript technology such as gmail or facebook, no doubt one realizes that nothing has to envy other options such as Chrome, Safari or Firefox.

System-integrated UI as standard

Previously, the other versions of Opera lacked their own integration with the system. Both the browser components and the appearance of the browser were far from the other applications on the system.

However, in this new version, in addition to being made in Cocoa , this has changed radically offering a look&feel very machine-like , an integration with the system more than sufficient and is no longer something that differs from the rest of the applications of the system. Probably the signing of Jon Hicks) by the Norwegian browser development team has a lot to do with this.

Also, the new open tab preview is great , just drag the bar with the mouse to get a direct view of the open tabs.

Raising the bar on privacy: private tabs

Currently Opera 10.50 offers something that no other browser is able to offer, the possibility of having private tabs , that is, not only has the ability to open a new window that will not save cookies, or data in the browsing history or cache, but also offers that possibility in another browser tab, making the integration much greater and that we do not have windows scattered on our desktop.

Removing extensions, they do the work for you

Opera does not have extensions to what other browsers offer , such as Firefox or recently Chrome . Opera already has many features built in that others offer through extensions, so they do the work for you: they keep those features up to date and include them “out of the box” in any version we download.
Opera 10.50 beta ya disponible para su descarga

It has a great session manager with pretty much the same functionality as the Session Saver extension for Firefox . We can retrieve closed tabs very conveniently. The Speed Dial that Chrome has implemented so well has been invented in Opera but is much more customizable here. And so we could continue with a lot of features already integrated in the same browser.

Multitouch, Growl, HTML5, Unite and more to come

The new version of Opera offers integration with the notification system Growl , has an integrated bittorrent manager but communicates seamlessly with our target customer, supports multitouch gestures (although it must be acknowledged that there is a lot of work to be done in this section), also supports HTML5 as standard and has numerous options that elevate it to a more than suitable browser for the maquera platform. Opera also features Opera Unite , a new way of understanding the web and sharing resources among its users. We can also activate the Turbo mode that provides extra speed when our bandwidth is limited.

Also, don’t miss the company’s announcement that it was developing a version of Opera Mini for the iPhone . Technologies such as Opera Link (synchronisation of bookmarks and sessions) will become much more relevant when a mobile version of the browser is also available.

As you can see, Opera 10.50 is a very complete browser, worthy of competing with other more extended options such as Safari, Chrome or Firefox. If I were you, when the definitive version of the browser for our platform is launched (a matter of days or weeks, in Windows they already have that option) I would try it, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

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