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5 Reasons to Upgrade your iPhone Immediately

The first reason you’ll want to update your iPhone as soon as possible is probably so you don’t see that number above the settings icon all the time. Continuous updates can be annoying , and we hope that this iOS 8 will not seem as annoying as the continuous Adobe Flash messages. So we want to express at least 5 reasons why you should update your iPhone immediately .

At least, the new iOS 8.3 update, besides giving a new speed to our iPhone, adds some sweets, such as the new Emojis or the new spacebar configuration . Hopefully one of these reasons will be the key for you to upgrade as soon as possible.

Wireless CarPlay

5 Reasons to Upgrade your iPhone Immediately
5 Reasons to Upgrade your iPhone Immediately

Users who own one of the new state-of-the-art cars, which have the new system installed, will benefit from something very important. Apple’s new operating system update includes the ability to use your iPhone in conjunction with your car’s CarPlay system, wirelessly . Just as AirPlay works with Apple TV, the CarPlay interface will work with our iPhones without the need to connect a USB cable. Now all that’s left for Apple to do is to moderate the prices a little in terms of CarPlay-compatible systems.

Siri’s enhanced tone

I’m sure if you haven’t used Apple’s Voice Assistant much, you won’t notice this change much. But if you have noticed a different tone in Siri, it is not that it has calmed down by itself. The new iOS 8.3 update has improved the tone with which Siri talks to us every day . Also the new voice navigation has been improved and Siri, applies much more in her comments. Try it out!

Improved Wifi connection

Every time Apple releases a new update, many users experience some bugs, such as their iPhone not working the same way . With iOS 8 many experience problems with Wifi connectivity to some networks, connection loss, continuous password requests, etc. Apple has been listening to these criticisms for some time and finally, in iOS 8.3, the wifi connection has improved significantly . In addition, some foreign companies such as Sprint or T-Mobile, have added to their rates the possibility of making calls via Wifi, hopefully we will soon get something similar.

Improvements in “Family Sharing”

With iOS 8 Apple introduced something unexpected, Family Sharing . Thanks to this improvement, the different devices in the family shared an account and enjoyed a free download , which one of the family members had already done. Now Apple continues to improve this new feature, offering more control to true account holders in Family . In addition, parents will be able to filter calls and iMessages received by different family accounts . This is a security advantage that all parents will appreciate, and one of the great reasons to upgrade your iPhone now .

New Emoji

Every day we use more of these fun icons in our daily messages. Well, Apple has been aware of this and has added 300 new emoticons to delight all users . One of the improvements has to do with the different skin tones we can choose from, in the emoticons of faces, hands, etc. We can also see among the new emojis, the new Apple Watch.

The guys at TIME offer us these 5 reasons to update our iPhone immediately . How about these reasons? Have you already updated your Apple devices? Leave your opinion a few lines below.

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