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5 photo enhancements that should make it to iPhone

The iPhone has one of the best cameras in the smartphone industry. Apple includes generation after generation of enhancements to keep up with and compete with the rest of its rivals. In the latest models of the terminal the main feature is the control of the ‘bokeh’ effect . This function allows the user to choose how much blurring they want in the background, although there are third-party apps that manage to do this. Another star feature is the Smart HDR, which merges several images to bring out the best in each and merge them into a single snapshot.

But the iPhone’s camera still has some unfinished business . For example, in low light conditions the results are not the best. Or you could polish up the bokeh effect a bit more.

3D photographs

5 photo enhancements that should make it to iPhone
5 photo enhancements that should make it to iPhone

3D technology has not just taken off . Although the best televisions of a few years ago had it, manufacturers are no longer willing to invest in it. There is no content that takes advantage of it, and users do not see any use for it. But on smartphones it could be different.

You probably know Apple’s “Live Photos”. The iPhone and iPad allow you to take photos that, when you click on them, “move” and have sound. This is because they save the moments before and after taking them, creating a small video. But let’s take the concept further.

Apple could incorporate the ability to take 3D photos , just like the Nintendo 3DS. It may not be the most popular choice with consumers now, but it may become the norm in the future.

Even more zoom

The iPhone offers the possibility to take a photo in telephoto “mode” with a 2X zoom. But this effect is simulated. All it does is crop the photo so that it looks closer and therefore the quality is much lower.

Some manufacturers of smartphones with Android operating system are making progress in this sector. For example, Huawei with its P20 allows you to take pictures with 5 magnification and the level of detail is quite good. If the Chinese company can do it, why not Apple?

Best bokeh effect

Who doesn’t remember the iPhone 7 Plus barbershop ad? The ability to take pictures in portrait mode was the biggest breakthrough for that terminal. Being the first version it had its faults, or it didn’t capture the silhouettes at all well. This has been improved, but could be improved even more.

For example, Apple could include the possibility of imitating the distortion effects of the best cameras on the market , such as Leica, or vintage lenses. At the moment, the blur effect is always the same, and to edit it we need to use applications from the App Store. Cupertino’s still have a long way to go with the bokeh effect.

Computer Photography

Open your iPhone reel and go to the album section. If you have taken a lot of pictures you will see that are grouped by people or places . And in the For You section, you’ll see collections of photos with memories sorted by date, location, etc.

Cult of Mac

Apple should promote computer photography on its devices . For example, when photographing objects. That the iPhone would be able to recognize what each element is and adjust the values so that everything in the scene is perfect. Something like the Smart HDR, different photographs in which different elements are highlighted to get the best of each one.

Best night photograph

If you’ve ever tried to take a picture at night you’ll know what I mean. The iPhone is bad in low light situations . If it’s late and we don’t have a half-decent light source, even the flash can’t fix it. This is where Google has done a good job.

In Pixel 3 the Mountain Viewers have presented what they call Night Sight . This function does nothing but “turn night into day”. It works similarly to the Apple Smart HDR in that it combines several photos and merges them. The result is an image with plenty of light, as if it were day (but it is not). If it is used well, very interesting things can come out, but other times it seems quite false, and that’s where Google has to work.

We don’t know what Apple will bring us for its next iPhone, although the first rumors are already starting to appear , but they will surely continue to pamper the camera.


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