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5 Perfect iPhone apps for running

For all of us who like to go out for a run, both in the morning and in the afternoon, but it gets a little heavy sometimes, we have something that will help you to lean out and do a little exercise. Next, we’ll introduce you to a series of applications designed to make elrunning a more enjoyable sport , exclusively for iPhone.


This particular application is designed for those who do not understand much aboutapps and go straight to the point. It’s a very modern and comfortable app and its interface is very easy to use. The tool has many and varied functions, including informing you about the weather, your weekly daily trip or something very interesting, as can remember your musical preferences ,this depends on your behaviour when playing sports.

5 Perfect iPhone apps for running
5 Perfect iPhone apps for running

Download Pumatrac

Strava Running

This time, this app is exclusive for iOS, this particular one is quite new, because it has a precise GPS that allows you to monitor, it is also interactive, since you can compete with your friends in a healthy way . It takes into account your average speed in kilometres per hour, distance travelled, heart rate, calories burned, etc.

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This is one of the best tools we can find when running, in fact, for the vast majority it is by far the best . It has all the good stuff of the previous ones; it monitors your heart rate, your speed, the number of calories you have burned, etc. It gives you the option to set a daily goal and check your progress , analyse your training sessions. It is also compatible with a large number of applications in this category, allowing you to have a more detailed and accurate report of your exercise.

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iSmoothRun Pro

Another exclusive application for iOS, which will give us the ability to fully track our sports routine , not only running, but also cycling or any fitness related activity. It is one of the most advanced apps for this purpose that you can have on your iPhone.

Like the ones mentioned above, iSmoothRun Pro will allow you to set a daily goal and also gives you the option to compete with other times or brands of yours . The price is 5. 49 euros in the App Store.

Download iSmoothRun Pro

Nike+ Running

The Nike and Apple application is one of the few, with unique qualities, such as giving you the choice of which runner you are , so you can follow a personalized process and progress based on your qualities.

This app registers all the data mentioned above by other tools of this type, but has an uniqueness that the rest does not, it is valid for both the urban or rural environment, as if it is on a tape. It has a function called “Power Song” for when we need an extra song . This usually comes with our iPhone terminal,

The mix between our iPhone and sports is one of the best we can find, and we hope that these applications will make it easier and simpler for you to go out and run, because is a great way to stay in shape .

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