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5 options supported by Apple HomeKit

The growing popularity of smart speakers such as the Amazon Echo or Google Home has opened up a wide range of possibilities for users interested in home automation in a simple way . More and more manufacturers are encouraged to develop their own smart accessories such as light bulbs, plugs, vacuum cleaners or blinds.

However, although Apple also has a smart speaker, the HomePod, it is not essential to have it in our homes to mount a home automation system. The company based in Cupertino includes in its HomeKit devices, a software that allows to configure, communicate and control with intelligent appliances . After installing the devices we will be able to interact with them through Siri.

5 options supported by Apple HomeKit
5 options supported by Apple HomeKit

At AppleHomeKit Secure Video: we solve the doubts about the future service of Apple’s home automation cameras

Through HomeKit we can build a home security system with cameras and sensors so that any movement or anomaly reaches our iPhone in the form of a notification and we can see what is happening. However, we have to make sure that they are compatible with the Apple system.

In this shopping guide we show you four different models of security cameras fully functional with HomeKit with which to mount our home security system.

Logitech Circle 2

Logitech has also entered the home electronics industry with its Circle 2 home security camera. It works both indoors and out , so you won’t have to worry about it stopping working because of bad weather.

This system has a 180-degree (1080p) Full HD wide-angle lens that works day and night, since it has night vision. All videos recorded when motion is detected will be available for 24 hours in our private space in the company cloud.

Thanks to the smart alerts we can receive notifications on our smartphones with a thumbnail image of the detected movement. In addition, by paying a monthly fee we will have access to advanced features such as people detection or the day’s summary.

You can use it with a cable or without a cable , because Logitech also offers a kit with a rechargeable battery. Wall, window, and plug-in mounting parts are also available.

Logitech Circle 2 – Wired Indoor/Outdoor Security Camera Works with Alexa, HomeKit, and Google

Price in PcComponents for 150,41 ? Today in Amazon for 189,10 ?

Arlo Pro 2

Another HomeKit-compatible security camera is the Arlo Pro 2. This manufacturer’s alternative is totally wireless , that is, 100% cable-free, so it works through a rechargeable battery, which can be an advantage for some and a problem for others.

It offers video in Full HD quality (1080p) that provides a high level of detail and brighter scenes. You can set up activity zones on which you want to receive notification alerts, very useful if you are going to use it mainly outdoors.

It has the function 3-Second Loop Back , which will capture 3 seconds of activity before the event to know what happened from beginning to end, according to its manufacturer. By having two-way audio we will be able to communicate with the person on the other side.

A seven-day free cloud recording trial is offered. It also incorporates a smart siren. Several kits are available, although the most economical starts at 360 euros.

Arlo Pro 2 – Security and Video Surveillance System with 1 HD 1080p Wireless Camera (Rechargeable, IndoorOutdoor, Night Vision, Two-way Audio, 130º Vision) VMS4130P

Today on Amazon for 259.99

There is also an enhanced version, the Arlo Ultra 4K which, as its name suggests, offers 4K Ultra HD resolution image quality with support for high dynamic range (HDR). Night vision has also been improved, and includes a built-in project to light up the night and scare away the unwanted. The view is 180º.

Arlo Ultra 4K – Smart Light and Security System (rechargeable, audio, cable-free with day and night vision, indoor-outdoor, works with Amazon Alexa) VMS5140

Today on Amazon for 499.99

D-Link DSH-C310 (Omna)

Beyond Wi-Fi routers and repeaters, D-Link is also betting on intelligent security cameras. The D-Link DSH-C310 (Omna) is an indoor video surveillance camera with a 180º lens with Wide Eye technology that allows for large rooms to be monitored with a single camera.

The video quality is Full HD (1080p, 1920 x 1080 in H.264 MJPEG format) with high resolution and good sound thanks to the built-in microphone. It also integrates a micro SD card slot with which to record video 24 hours a day if desired.

At night the D-Link Omnia is also effective because it has infrared night vision , so we will always know what is happening no matter how dark it is. Through its integrated speaker we can make audio communications in a bidirectional way.

Of course, it also has motion detection and sound , so we will receive a push notification to our smartphone or tablet with any event that occurs.

D-Link DSH-C310 – 180° Full HD WiFi IP Surveillance Omna Camera (1920×1080, microSD recording, night vision, microphone and speaker, Apple HomeKit, iOS and Android compatible), Aluminum Housing

Today on Amazon for 127,20

Netatmo Presence

Netatmo’s Presence camera is an intelligent outdoor security camera that is able to distinguish people, cars and animals . It tells you exactly what’s around the house and notifies you directly on the smartphone. It has a built-in intelligent light that lights up only when we want to scare away unwanted inhabitants.

It is also possible to know what is happening at night thanks to infrared night vision. The quality of video recording is Full HD (1080p) , with a 4 MP sensor.

It is possible to store the captured videos for free , either on the included micro SD card or on an FTP server or Dropbox account. As expected, it has Wi-Fi connectivity.

Netatmo Outdoor WIFI Surveillance Camera, Integrated Focus, Motion Detection, Night Vision, No Additional Cost, NOC01-EU (Presence)

Today on Amazon for 299.99

Netatmo interior surveillance camera

Another proposal from Netatmo, this time for interiors. Like the Presence, it also has facial recognition and access to all complementary functions at no additional cost. This is useful to avoid scares with unimportant movement alerts. If it detects an intruder, it sends a photo of its face with a video .

The configuration of the camera is very simple; just place it facing the entrance, plug it in and download the application for smartphones . After connecting it to the Wi-Fi network, you can control it remotely from your cell phone, tablet or computer.

It records Full HD (1080p) video and has a 130º field of view, with an 8x digital zoom. The sensor quality is 4 MP and also incorporates infrared night vision . It supports microSD cards, Wi-Fi 2.4 G and we can store the recordings on the card, Dropbox or FTP server. It also detects the security or smoke alarms.

Netatmo WIFI Indoor Surveillance Camera, Motion Detection, Night Vision, No Additional Cost, NSC01-EU (Welcome)

Today on Amazon for 186,99

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