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5 new games worth downloading on iPhone and iPad

The App Store is constantly renewed every week by introducing all kinds of games and applications. Recently, some noteworthy titles have arrived, and in this article we will introduce you to the most interesting new games for iPhone and iPad.

The novelties in the App Store, this time, bring us games from different categories: action, shooters, retro games… There are games for every taste!

5 new games worth downloading on iPhone and iPad
5 new games worth downloading on iPhone and iPad

Without further ado, we begin with today’s recommendations… Remember, you can participate in the comments to share your favorite games with us.

Titanfall: Assault

One of the most important releases on the App Store. The gameplay has changed slightly, but this new Titanfall release offers real-time battles , character enhancement and assault group creation. It also has its own iMessage stickers.

Combat Squad – Online FPS

We continue with an FPS with online multiplayer that offers impressive graphics. Many weapons to choose from, character customization, 7 different game modes … Ah… and I forgot the most important thing, it’s a game developed by the creators of Counter Strike Online.


Cavefall is a game of the type endless in which you will have to go down through different caves and dungeons avoiding obstacles and eliminating enemies. You can perform combos and collect lost notes to unlock new levels.

Home Arcade

If you loved playing arcade games in your childhood, this game is especially developed for people like you. Home Arcade brings together 10 retro games inspired by the 80s. Highly recommended!


SailCraft is a naval strategy game in which players must participate in battles with other players. It has up to 60 different types of boats and very well achieved 3D graphics. It is a kind of modernized “Sink the Fleet”. A real gem for lovers of this turn-based game style.

So far the selection of the latest games that have arrived on the App Store. Which of these titles have you liked the most? We’ve already downloaded them!

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