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5 new features of Android 11 that Google has copied from iOS

The first beta of Google’s new operating system, Android 11, has just been published with quite a few new features, including some that sound quite familiar. In this duopoly that Apple and Google, iOS and Android, in the smartphone market, is difficult not to be inspired by the rival when it comes to improvements, and that’s precisely what happens with some of the new features of Android 11.

We are talking about two very mature operating systems in the market and new ideas are scarce, so copying each other is quite normal, however it is interesting to see which exact functions are copied to each other. In this case, Android 11 has been inspired by these 5 iOS functions.

5 new features of Android 11 that Google has copied from iOS
5 new features of Android 11 that Google has copied from iOS

This collection of Android 11 features copied from iOS comes to us thanks to our colleagues at The Verge , who have already been able to thoroughly analyze the new Google system.

New screenshot editing interface

Apple introduced a new feature in the screen capture interface with iOS 11 . When you take a screenshot, a thumbnail appears in the lower left area of the screen and you can touch it to edit it before saving or sharing it. Now Android 11 comes with a modified screen capture interface very similar to the one we have in iOS. I’m sure iOS users are familiar with this interface.

Single-use permits

This is a feature Apple introduced last year with iOS 13 that increases your privacy when using apps. There are many apps that request permission to access the camera, location or photos, with iOS 13 you can make them have only one access to any of these functions , something that now introduces Android 11. However, Google goes one step further, and if you’ve not used the app for a long time, it will restore these permissions.

Quick change between speakers or wireless headphones

In Android 11 Google has introduced a function similar to the one Apple has with AirPlay to switch much faster between audio devices that we have connected via Bluetooth. This feature is now in the notification center, similar to the AirPlay icon in the iOS Control Center.

New Smart Home control

Google has greatly enhanced home automation in Android 11 and a new quick access menu is now available for your smart home controls to turn lights on or off or control temperature. It looks a lot like the HomeKit menu available in the iPhone Control Center from iOS 10 .

Native screen recording

Yes, maybe this is taken with tweezers, but Android did not allow natively to record the screen of a smartphone. It’s something that could be done with certain layers of the manufacturers, but it wasn’t something included in Android Stock. The implementation is very similar to the one in iOS from the quick setup menu in Android, a kind of Control Center in iOS.

These are 5 functions that Android 11 has copied from iOS , we’ll see if Apple hits back with the next version of their system by copying other interesting functions from the new Google system.

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