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5 New 2015 Games You Should Try

This new year 2015 (especially in the month of January) have appeared very interesting games, some of them spectacular , in the App Store. In this article we’ll go over one by one what we consider to be the most remarkable games we’ve played so far this year.

If you want to know the latest iOS gamer landscape for iPhone and iPad, then don’t miss this compilation!

Selection of 5 new games launched on the App Store in 2015

Radiation Island

5 New 2015 Games You Should Try
5 New 2015 Games You Should Try

We start strong this compilation, Radiation Island is a survival game in which we live in a strange and mysterious island and we must fight against all kinds of animals and zombies. The graphics are quite adequate, very well designed but sometimes they are a bit “basic”.

We will have the possibility to discover and explore a wide open world . The story is based on our character being trapped in an alternative parallel reality and having to fish, hunt and survive the multiple attacks and dangers: zombies, radiation, extreme weather…

A highly recommended title!

Midnight Star

Midnight Star is a very innovative shooter, why, you might ask… because of its controls. The manoeuvrability based on tactile gestures that this game offers is quite interesting , although I must admit that at the beginning it takes a bit of getting used to, but once you get the hang of it you won’t be able to stop playing.

Developed with the popular Unreal Engine , Midnight Star features fantastic graphics and will allow us to compete against other players around the world in events and challenges. But best of all, it’s free to download!


And we continue with one of our favorites: Shadowmatic. This title gives us a 3D puzzle style game mode .

Our goal will be to create shadows on the wall while rotating and twisting different and strange objects. Its musical setting and graphics are simply perfect.

Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy

An interactive drama with a very intriguing and well-crafted story. It is a remastering of the original 2005 game that appeared on the App Store very recently.

You can get it for £9.99 from the link below:


Our last game of this list, Exiles, will allow us to explore a gigantic open world full of aliens , hidden temples and caves.

You can choose from three different character classes and it offers spectacular graphics – we recommend it!

Your opinion interests us

What do you think about the launch of the App Store at the beginning of the year 2015? Do you think these games are up to it? Have you had the chance to try any of them? Are there any launches missing? Answer these questions and explain all your doubts, suggestions and recommendations in the comments section , located a little further down in this article. Thanks for participating and remember to share this post on the main social networks!

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