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5 Myths about iMac and MacBook

Macs are not for playing

It is true that in the past we could not buy a Windows computer, with an Intel or AMD processor and the rest of the components, since the difference was abysmal , but that space between the two main manufacturers of equipment in the world is getting smaller.

In this WWDC 2017 (World Wide Developers Conference), Apple presented us with a new and updated range of its computers, both desktops and laptops. These included an immense amount of improvements in software and hardware , as they have seventh generation Intel processors, in addition to being able to support 64 GB of RA M, double that of previous models.

The price of Macs is too high

5 Myths about iMac and MacBook
5 Myths about iMac and MacBook

It may be true in some quarters, but isn’t it worth the price? The answer is yes, they are, besides counting a huge list of things and features that no other computer in the market has, as we mentioned before, their weakest section was the hardware, in which they have improved. And this does not end here, since even the prices of these have dropped compared to previous years , and obviously all this improving their quality.

Another big reason why Macs are more expensive than conventional computers is their lifespan, while an Apple computer can last up to 7 years and even longer , because that incredible figure is only the average lifespan of these electronics monsters. On the other hand, their cheaper Microsoft equivalents, can be proud if they last more than 2 years without giving any problem.

macOS is made for people with little programming knowledge

Like the other myths on this list, they are all created by competing users, but, also in similarity to the rest, this one is false. With the arrival of Apple’s new operating system, High Sierra, there are a lot of hidden features, which can become very useful if given the proper use. Such features require someone experienced and knowledgeable in this area to find them , so no, operating a Mac is not as easy as it seems, not to be confused with comfort.

Macs lead the design market

Years ago the answer to this question would have been a resounding yes, but today it seems that the rest of Apple’s companies and rivals have taken up the challenge and are bringing out ever better computers, both laptops and desktops. Although the gap between Cupertino’s company and the rest has narrowed, it is still quite wide. In a world like the electronics market, adaptation to change is essential and the apple is succeeding.

It’s impossible to infect a Mac with malware

Like its competition at Microsoft, Windows is very vulnerable to attacks from content creators which is malicious, but that does not mean it is not secure, as Apple is known for the privacy and security it provides to its customers. The point is that can become infected with malware, but the chances are lower than in Windows.

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