5 iPhone design details you don’t know yet

11 pequeños detalles que hacen de iOS el mejor SO móvil

4. Las gafas de ‘añadir a lista de lectura’ son las de Steve Jobs

Seguramente, cuando todos pensamos en Steve Jobs, recordamos su imagen de un pantalón vaquero, una camiseta negra de cuello alto y gafas redondas . Es por ello que, a modo de homenaje, tenemos sus gafas en la opción de ‘añadir a lista de lectura’.

5. El logo de la aplicación de Mapas de iOS, es de hecho, una localización real

5 iPhone design details you don’t know yet
5 iPhone design details you don’t know yet

Los mapas de iOS nos ayudan a encontrar lugares –aunque en ocasiones nos hayan liado más que otra cosa-. Lo que sí está claro es que podremos ir a la localización que nos muestra el mapa, porque son las oficinas de Cupertino en California .

Estos son algunos de los easter eggs que iOS nos tiene preparados . Ahora que sabes un poco más de tu móvil, solamente te queda cogerlo y comprobar los he expuesto en el artículo.

When I tell my friends that Cupertino takes care of even the smallest details, I don’t exaggerate or try to expose Android, no matter how hard they try -with little success- to show me the benevolence of their terminals in front of my iPhone. Today I’d like to share with you a sample of why, quite simply, Apple is more refined than all its competitors .

iPhone’s hidden details: elegance down to the smallest detail

Steve Jobs said that a computer has to be beautiful inside , something that has been fulfilled by Apple’s system since the appearance of the first Mac. The philosophy that changed forever the way we see technology has been maintained until today.

We find meaning in this statement when we look at the details Apple has in store for us on the iPhone, in those places where we would never expect to find them . This article will make you take out your phone and enjoy the little Easter eggs that Apple has been leaving on iOS.

1. Look at your control center flashlight

The flashlight in your control center has a little switch. Turn it on and you will notice that, in fact, when you turn on the flashlight, you are actually doing it . Did you notice that? I didn’t either.

2. The clock application, is literally an analog clock… With a functional second hand!

The clock application, loved and hated in equal parts – because of its function of waking us up every day, mostly – shows us the exact time we are at. So far so normal, many people have noticed it, but… Have you seen the second hand? It literally acts like a mechanical clock .

3. Lines are not random in the Voice Notes widget

The voice memo icon shows a few lines, but these were not taken at random. They are literally the records taken from the word “Apple” . Okay, this doesn’t have a functional application, but it’s surprising how much detail they take into account.

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