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5 iPhone Apps for Planning and Partying

The weekend is approaching, and with it come the stays with friends, wild parties in the discos and dinners with that group of people we care most about. But… Did you know that there are many apps in the App Store that help us plan and organize parties and discover events or concerts?

Today, at iPadizate, we present some of the best iPhone applications that will allow us to make new plans, organize parties and discover what events are in fashion. Don’t miss this compilation!


5 iPhone Apps for Planning and Partying
5 iPhone Apps for Planning and Partying

Whatsred is probably one of the most popular applications for planning outings, dates and parties. It is characterized by offering users a plan that is perfectly adapted to their tastes and needs.

It allows us to discover restaurants, museums, concerts, events and the best plans that are close to us thanks to the geolocation services. You know, plans and planazos.


Thanks to WePopp, we can plan our appointments and meet in a simple and effective way. Its operation is very simple: We will have to choose a plan to follow invite our friends to join our popp (they don’t need to install the app) and finally we will be able to set a preferred option by the group and know who will attend.

Pro Party Planner

Pro Party Planner is an ideal application for planning and organizing parties, meetings and dinners . It includes an augmented reality module that will allow us to visualize all the information directly in the different places we attend.

Best of all? Its absolutely impeccable user interface, which has a unique style and design , and will allow us to navigate and explore all its contents more efficiently and easily, due to its great intuitiveness.


With this intuitive application we can chat, share photos and gather all our friends to meet in a restaurant, a bar or a disco. It also offers us the possibility of discovering the most current events and plans in our city.

Meets will be a great help for all those who like to do staying in a group and doing all kinds of new activities together with your friends or family.


Fever, like the previous applications we have talked about in this article, allows us to discover events and plans, but it also allows us to buy tickets (cinema, theatre, museums, clubs…) and carry them around on our iPhone.

These have been the best applications that we have found in the App Store for the most party-goers and to discover events, organize birthdays, plan parties… Have they been useful to you? Do you think that any important application is missing in this compilation? We are waiting for you in the comments!

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