5 iPhone and iPad Games Similar to Angry Birds

All iPhone and iPad users have probably tried (or heard about) Angry Birds games.

Rovio, the company behind the angry birds, generates spectacular profits, including those that its next animated film will provide after its release.

5 iPhone and iPad Games Similar to Angry Birds
5 iPhone and iPad Games Similar to Angry Birds

If you have enjoyed playing Angry Birds as a child but would like to try other similar games , don’t miss this collection.

Top 5 Angry Birds games for iOS

1. Catapult King

We at iPadizate were lucky enough to be able to play this game a few years ago, and it’s actually quite fun and entertaining. The main objective of Catapult King is to rescue a princess by throwing soldiers from a catapult, but in 3D.

Crush the Castle

The very name of this game says it all, from the list it is perhaps the closest to Angry Birds, but also the one with the worst graphics. You’ll have to destroy the castles that appear in each level.

Fragger 2

From Fragger for iPhone and iPad we could say that it is an Angry Birds but with grenades… and with people instead of birds and pigs. It offers more than 10 different worlds, and its graphics are not bad at all!


In Hambo your mission will be to save your best friend, Bacon. There are no slingshots or catapults in this game, but Hambo’s physics are very similar to Angry Birds. You’ll be able to use weapons like pistols, machine guns and arrows to kill the rival team’s pigs. Interestingly, the game is a kind of mix between Angry Birds and Worms-

Siege Hero

Siege Hero is a game very similar to the first one in this list, Catapult King, only that instead of being in 3D, it is in 2D, like Angry Birds. The main objective is to destroy the forts and castles, and kill the enemies by throwing rocks, fire and bombs.

What do you think about these “clones” of Angry Birds for iPhone and iPad? Have you tried one of them? Which one did you like the most?

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