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5 iPad Games Worth Paying for

The App Store is full of freemium and free-to-play games for iPad that offer an interesting free game mode but have built-in shopping. Many iOS users prefer to pay before installing them and skip the annoying in-app shopping.

That’s why at iPadizate we have explored the App Store in search of games worth paying for , this time we present you with very cheap titles, for only one euro you can enjoy guaranteed fun.

5 iPad games available for just 1

Ski Safari

5 iPad Games Worth Paying for
5 iPad Games Worth Paying for

There is a game that has been on the App Store for many years now that offers fantastic, fun and familiar gameplay, and that is Ski Safari. A fun title in which we have to control a character riding all kinds of sleds and animals while trying to avoid all kinds of obstacles. Penguins, snow avalanches, yetis and much more will be waiting for us.


The first installment of Minigore for iPhone does not offer such spectacular graphics as the sequel, but it is a super fun and addictive game in which we will face waves and waves of zombies with all kinds of weapons. Highly recommended!

Plague Inc.

Plague Inc. is an interesting strategy and simulation game in which we will have to extinguish humanity by infecting them with a kind of lethal epidemic . Do you want to know more about this title? Don’t miss our review of Plague Inc.

Angry Birds

A classic, Angry Birds, could not be missing from our compilation. The first of Rovio’s greatest hits is available on the App Store for only 0.99 . If you haven’t played it yet don’t miss this opportunity and download it, it gives for hours and hours of entertainment.

Real Steel

Finally we present you the official game of Real Steel, the movie. It allows us to choose between a fighter from a selection of up to 40 robots , including Atom and Zeus, characters from the super production starring Hugh Jackman. In Real Steel we will fight to the death in epic battles with robots that possess advanced weapons and technology.

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These are just some of the many games for iPhone and iPad available for just one euro. Do you know of any other games you would like to recommend? What games can’t be missing from your Apple tablet? As always, you’re welcome to comment on the games in the comments section. Thank you for participating!

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