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5 iOS 10 features that Apple takes from other apps

33 novedades de iOS 10 que no te contaron en la keynote y han pasado desapercibidas

iOS 10 is one of the most important updates to Apple’s mobile operating system . There are a lot of new features and some of them were not even counted during the keynote. However, Apple has also brought a few new features to iOS 10 that were already available in third-party applications.

5 iOS 10 features that Apple takes from other apps
5 iOS 10 features that Apple takes from other apps

So, here is a list of five iOS 10 features that you can already try without having iOS 10 installed .

Unlocking the Mac with the Apple Watch

If you are tired of putting your password on your Mac every time you open it again, don’t worry, with Sierra MacOS and Apple Watch this will no longer be necessary, as will automatically detect the clock and unlock itself .

But this is nothing new, in the App Store we find two applications that do exactly the same and also work with the iPhone and not only with the Apple Watch. On the one hand Knock and on the other MacID.

3D Touch in the Control Center

With the latest version of iOS we can perform different actions on the Control Center icons , the same way we do on the normal Springboard icons. This functionality however is exactly the same as allowed by QuickCenter, a jailbreak tweak for iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus.

Find my car

Until now, to easily find the car depending on where we parked it , what we had to do was create a bookmark in Apple Maps and then go back to it. With iOS 10 the process is automatic and the application itself will tell us where we have parked.

Another possibility is to use some application from the App Store that does exactly the same , Track Back is one of them, although there are many more in the App Store.

Universal clipboard

A highly expected and very useful functionality . Being able to copy a piece of text on the Mac and then paste it on the iPhone is something that seems unique in iOS 10 and MacOS Sierra, although it is already possible with other applications available on the App Store.

Copied is the application that allows us to have a universal clipboard and that is synchronized instantly by iCloud. You can download it from the App Store and try it out for yourself.

Sleep Analysis

The Apple Clock application has a new section called Lying Down . In this section we can specify some data about the way we sleep, so that the iPhone itself will analyze our sleep and tell us what is the best time to go to bed and sleep well.

If for whatever reason you are not happy with how analyzes your sleep, you can use a third party application that is specifically dedicated to this, for example Sleep Cycle, Runtastic Sleep Better or my favorite, Sleep++.

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