5 Games for iPhone and iPad for Family Fun at Christmas

One of the things that I like best about Christmas is that it is a time when the family gets together , that those loved ones who have had to go abroad to find a life for themselves come back for a few days… And what better way to have a good time as a family than playing together?

Today the App Store has a good number of applications and games for both iPhone and iPad that can be shared with other people, in other words, they are multiplayer. In addition, these games can be a great help in keeping the little ones in the house entertained.

5 Games for iPhone and iPad for Family Fun at Christmas
5 Games for iPhone and iPad for Family Fun at Christmas

Here’s a selection of 5 games that you won’t be bored with this Christmas and that you can share with your family to have an unforgettable time. Let’s go!


The classic board game is also available for iPhone and iPad. Monopoly is a game that will never go out of style and you can have a good time at your family reunions. Who will get more properties?

Ice Rage

Ice Rage is a fun game that turns the screen of your iOS device into an ice hockey rink . You can play with another person using the same device to see who is better at hockey. With Ice Rage, family members are guaranteed to have a good time together.

Asphalt 8

Other games that never go out of style are car racing games. In the App Store we find Asphalt 8, one of the best titles of this theme currently available for iPhone and iPad. It has both single and multiplayer game modes , so you can measure yourself against your brother-in-law or one of your cousins to see who is better at the wheel.

Parchis PlaySpace

Another classic among classics is Parcheesi . Who hasn’t ever played Parcheesi in a family? Now with this mobile device thing, it has been given a twist and you can play it directly on your tablet or smatphone. The good thing about it is that you won’t lose your dice and the cheater on your turn (in every family there is one, guaranteed!) will be able to advance his chips in a sneaky way.

UNO & Friends

Finally we recommend UNO & Friends, the mobile version of the fun card game . Change the turn, change the colour, jump the turn of the player next to you… and most importantly, try to be the first to run out of cards.

This is our particular selection of games to have a good time with the family this Christmas , which are already around the corner. So if you want, you can get your iPad ready for the family reunion.

What is your favorite game on iPhone and iPad to play as a family? Tell us in the comments!

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