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5 Features Apple Should Include in iOS 8

What should the new Apple iOS 8 include?

We are just a few days away from the event where we all take it for granted that the new iPhone 6 will be presented. But on top of that, there are also many who expect Tim Cook’s people to present the world with their “wearable”, the iWatch (the name it has long been known by the media).

But on top of that, many reports suggest that Cupertino’s could release the Golden Master version of iOS 8 on the same day . This would be an exactly the same version as the official one but would allow the developers to see all the changes and improvements in its final version. What would you like iOS 8 to add?

5 Features Apple Should Include in iOS 8
5 Features Apple Should Include in iOS 8

Today we bring you a list of wishes that we would like to see fulfilled in Apple’s new mobile operating system. Will you join us?

5 things Apple should include in the new iOS 8

1. A more customizable control center

In this regard, improvements and features have been added over time , which we have certainly noticed in the latest versions of iOS. We have seen how features have been added that for a while could only be used through the jailbreak, which is to be welcomed as they are really useful.

But it should also be mentioned that every user is a world and not everyone uses the same functions on a regular basis . For this reason, it would be interesting if Apple would allow you to customize the control center with the new iOS 8 and have each user configure it to their liking.

2. More functions with the Touch ID fingerprint sensor

At the moment it is only used as a unlocking method on the current iPhone 5S, but we all hope that with the arrival of the new iOS 8, the developers will start providing a greater number of functions to this fingerprint sensor which undoubtedly has a lot of potential.

One of the most rumored uses is to make payments through our fingerprint, something that could come very soon if it is confirmed that the new iPhone 6 incorporates NFC technology.

3. To be able to enjoy more free storage in iCloud

These days you take pictures all the time and of anything with mobile devices, so it is essential to have enough space to store all that content. Currently, Apple offers 5GB of free storage, but if we consider that most videos are recorded in high definition and take up a lot of space, we have to admit that can be quite a bit.

4. Real multitasking on the iPad

At the moment it is a possibility that the new iOS 8 can provide a real multi-tasking function to the iPad (on the iPhone it would not make much sense). That would offer a lot of convenience when using different apps at the same time to do some kind of task, avoiding the hassle of having to jump from one to another, something that depending on how many we have open, can be quite uncomfortable.

5. One button to close all applications

It must be acknowledged that Apple has been improving the system of closing down open applications in the background on iOS devices, but for the moment, it is still a task to be perfected. That’s why it would be great if Tim Cook’s guys could provide the new iOS 8 with a function that would allow us to close all open applications without having to open the current “multi-tasking” to close them manually.

These are just some of the features we’ve seen in a video shared by the guys at CultofMac, but there could certainly be many more. What do you think of these features? Would you like Apple to include them in the new iOS 8? Share your thoughts with us and tell us your wishes for the new iOS 8.

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