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5 Apps to Follow Your Favorite Series on iPhone and iPad

If you usually watch a lot of TV series on your iPhone or iPad, you can’t miss an application that allows you to plan, manage and follow all the episodes .

Maybe you’ll be like me, following so many series in the original version and in Spanish, I’ll get confused when it comes to knowing which episodes I’ve seen, which I haven’t seen yet, or when they’ll be released . That’s why on iPadizate we’re going to present you with a guide to applications that allow you to follow your favourite programmes, shows and films.

5 Apps to Follow Your Favorite Series on iPhone and iPad
5 Apps to Follow Your Favorite Series on iPhone and iPad

In addition, after the disappearance of the links the App Store applications were also removed from that website. By the way, you can visit our article on the alternatives to and Seriespepito.

Next Episode

If we talk about series management, NextEpisode perfectly fulfills the idea. What’s more, its name alone explains everything. It has a calendar section from which we can order all the upcoming episodes , as well as offering a countdown, push notifications, custom recommendations based on our tastes… Very complete!

TV Guide

Do you want to know what time your favourite TV show starts? Don’t you want to miss that reality show you love so much? Then we recommend a TV programming app called TV Guide, it allows us to add a lot of channels and order the missing ones from the developer. Although the user interface is no wonder, it serves its purpose perfectly.

Tvsofá 2

This fantastic app will allow us to manage our film and series collection directly on our iPhone or iPad. Its interface is great, very neat and clean . It gives us the ability to plan and customise our TV channels and streaming platforms, read reviews and ratings from other users and, of course, know the exact date and time of the premieres and episodes of our favourite series.


Sensacine gives us the opportunity to keep up to date with the latest news and curiosities in the world of cinema: films, series, actors, projects, premieres, movie theatres… It has a lot of detailed information!

TVShow Time

Finally we present you TVShow Time, a very complete guide for all the info about TV series and shows. It will also allow us to comment and share content with a community of over 200,000 users.

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And that concludes our guide to iPhone and iPad applications! Did you like our selection? Do you want to recommend any application? Which app do you use to watch, manage or follow your favourite series? Participate in the comments, thank you!

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