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45% of iPads now work with iOS 6

iOS 6 arrived on the market last September 19th, a few days before the official launch of the iPhone 5. In just 48 hours, 25% of Apple devices were running this version of the operating system . This made it the version with the fastest adoption by users. The list of new features in iOS 6 was quite interesting: Passbook, the Do Not Disturb feature, Siri in new languages , the new Apple maps, etc, etc… with this list of changes it is quite normal that people would want to adopt this version of iOS as soon as possible.

Chitika Insights, conducted a study based on data from its mobile ad network from September 18 to October 1. They intended to determine which iOS devices are being upgraded faster to version 6.0 .

45% of iPad users have already upgraded to iOS 6

45% of iPads now work with iOS 6
45% of iPads now work with iOS 6

As a result of the study, Chitika Insights observed that: 60% of iPhone users have updated their devices, followed by 45% of iPad users . In the case of the iPod Touch the figure has remained at 39%.

If we focus on the iPad, we see that 45% are already using the latest available version (6.0) , while 39% are still running version 5.1 and a small percentage are still running earlier versions.

From some time to this part we see that the adaptation of the new versions of Apple’s operating systems is faster and faster . The ease with which updates can be made, the possibility of making these updates via OTA (Over The Air, i.e. without having to connect the device to any computer) and the new features included version by version are encouraging users to be up to date and not to wait for a while before making the update.

In addition, Apple has an advantage over its competitors. Apple updates are only reviewed by the company. It is not necessary for carriers and similar companies to review them before distributing them to their users and, moreover, these updates arrive simultaneously all over the world. If we compare it with the data that Google handles on Android, we see that only 22% of Android users have updated their devices to the latest version available, a figure that is almost half of that achieved by Apple, which in only 11 days that the study has lasted has achieved a rate of adoption of 45%.

And you, have already upgraded your devices to iOS 6 or are you one of those who prefer to wait?

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