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40 million downloads in less than four days

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Super Mario Run was released last week with a spectacular hype, both from Nintendo fans and others. It’s normal, Apple and Nintendo have worked closely together to promote the product and launch it in the best possible way.

This seems to have paid off for the App Store, as in just four days the app has been downloaded over 40 million times . In other words, Super Mario Run has broken the record for the fastest downloads on the App Store.

40 million downloads in less than four days
40 million downloads in less than four days

On Nintento’s official website, Phil Schiller congratulates Nintendo in Japanese for the release of the game and its success . On the other hand, Shigeru Miyamoto-san says he’s pleased to have released another Mario mobile game. However, the people who bought the other levels of the game (which is what really matters) don’t know each other.

Remember that Super Mario Run allows players to try the game with a couple of free levels , after which they must pay a total of almost 10 euros to unlock the 24 complete levels contained in the game.

The game has been very well received , although not everyone liked the idea of having to pay the 10 euros to play the full game. Even less now knowing that the game will not receive any more extensions.

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