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4 Tricks for Solving Small Problems on iPhone and iPad

iPhone para principiantes: 10 tips para el smartphone de Apple que debes conocer

3. Eliminar la aplicación

Si sigues teniendo problemas con una aplicación en concreto que no funciona correctamente prueba a borrarla del iPhone o el iPad y a volver a instalarla de nuevo. Para ello tienes que dejar el dedo pulsado sobre la aplicación hasta que los iconos comiencen a temblar y después pulsa sobre la “X” que aparecerá en la esquina izquierda de ella.

4. Reinstala la aplicación

4 Tricks for Solving Small Problems on iPhone and iPad4 Tricks for Solving Small Problems on iPhone and iPad

Por último, como dicen en AppAdvice, sólo quedaría volver a instalar la aplicación en el iPhone o el iPad desde la App Store. Pulsa en el icono de la lupa que aparece en la parte inferior de la pantalla y busca la aplicación que has eliminado . Verás que aparece el icono de una nube con una flecha hacia abajo, sobre el que tendrás que pulsar para que se instale de nuevo.

One of the things that characterize the iPhone and iPad is the great user experience they offer, in a very simple and fluid way, but over time you may encounter some problems, such as applications that freeze, keyboard that responds slowly or the device suddenly does not load. Today we’ve got 4 little tricks to fix these problems on both iPhone and iPad , so that your iOS device works properly again.

The passage of time takes its toll on any mobile device, including the iPhone and iPad . For example, the power button often gets worn out by use, but thanks to features like Assistive Touch we have a solution at our fingertips, just like we told you the other day on iPadizate.

If your iPhone or iPad is not working properly and has a bug, there may be a simple solution. Read on and discover these four tricks to quickly and easily fix some of the problems you may encounter .

1. Close applications

This solution may sound too obvious and simple, but if you leave all your applications and games open it can slow down the performance of your iPhone or iPad, especially if you have it full of stuff. To this day there is still a debate about whether iOS really has real multitasking and whether applications are kept active when they are in the background, but it never hurts to leave the essentials open .

To access the multitasking you have to click twice on the Home button and then slide your finger up on those applications you want to close . If a particular app is malfunctioning on your iPhone or iPad, try closing it and reopening it, so that it should work correctly again.

2. Reboot your iPhone or iPad

If you’ve done the above and it’s still the same or if you find that your iPhone or iPad won’t load, for example, try closing all the applications and restarting the device . To do this, press and hold the Power button and Home button at the same time until you see the apple logo appear on the screen. If restarting the iPhone or iPad does not solve the problem, it may be in the charger or in the plug of the device itself.

Take a look!

These four tricks can help you solve a problem with an application on your iPhone or iPad , and can even save you a visit to the Genius Bar.

Did you know these tricks for iPhone and iPad? Do you know any more that can solve little problems like these? If so, feel free to tell us in the comments.