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4 iOS Photo Gallery Tips 8

Now that we all carry a smartphone in our pockets, they have become our main resource for taking pictures. Gone are the days when we depended on a compact camera to immortalize our lives. Nothing happens around us anymore without us leaving a record of it on our mobile phones. Social networks, such as Instagram, are also the biggest culprits in the love of photography that floods the world.

The camera phone is now a point we look at very carefully before buying one. iPhone 6 has a great camera that will delight photography fans. This added to the power of iOS 8 makes the Apple terminal a great accessory for taking and managing our snapshots . Today we’re going to look at four features of the iOS 8 photo gallery that you may not have heard of and that will make things a little easier for you.

4 iOS Photo Gallery Tips 8
4 iOS Photo Gallery Tips 8

These are the four tricks that you may not know about the Photos application and that increase its potential.

Hide Photos

If you’re the kind of person who leaves your iPhone behind and have some photos you’re not exactly proud of, iOS 8 makes it easy for you to lend your phone out without worrying about a friend seeing that photo you don’t want to see. With Apple’s new mobile operating system, the photo gallery has a new feature, hide photos . To hide any image we simply have to access it from the gallery, make a long click on it and select ‘ Hide ‘. I have to warn you that the moment we hide any image, a new folder is created in the gallery called ‘ Hidden ‘ where all the images we have hidden are. We are not going to deceive ourselves, hiding photos loses all its grace when it is so easy to find them.

Recently removed

Another thing that I’m sure has happened to all of us at some point is to delete a photograph by mistake. How many times has it happened to you that you are cleaning up your photo gallery and by mistake you delete that image that was so funny to you or that you were so fond of? Well, now with iOS 8 all the photos we delete are stored in a folder called ‘ Recently deleted ‘ and remain there for 30 days . To correct our mistake we just have to select the photo we want to recover and select ‘Recover’.

Select our favorite images

If you’re one of those people whose photo gallery is in shambles and finding a picture is really difficult, iOS 8 makes it easy for you to keep your favorite pictures in view. If you go into your iPhone gallery and select a photo, you’ll see a blue heart at the bottom. If you click on this icon, the picture will be saved in a folder called ‘ Favorites ‘.

Search photos

This may well be the least known and, in my view, most useful feature of the iOS 8 gallery. It turns out that we can search our images as if we were using Spotlight on the iPhone’s Springboard . If we access the gallery we’ll simply have to select the magnifying glass that appears at the top. We can search for the pictures by date and place. For example, if we search for Madrid, we will be shown all the pictures that were taken in this city. For this to work we must have the location activated in the photos, you can learn how to do it here.

These have been the four tricks for our iPhone 6 photo gallery that we know through TheUnlockr and that will help you get the most out of the Photo application and organize your snapshots, wallpapers and images in a much more effective way.

Did you know about these iOS 8 features? Did you find these tricks useful?

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