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4 Curiosities about the Apple I that you may not have known

Apple has certainly succeeded in having all its products identified as relics. Although there are hundreds of products with thousands of sales today, when the company started out it wasn’t like that. That doesn’t mean that Apple’s first products haven’t become heirlooms that many people want to have at any price. This is the case of Apple I, and today we are going to tell some curiosities about Apple’s first “computer”.

The beginning of what we know now

The Apple I was the reason for Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak to found Apple Computer. About 200 Apple I’s were hand assembled by the first Apple workers. Although the sale price was $600, some units sold for $666.66 because it was easier to type in the price.

It wasn’t a complete computer

4 Curiosities about the Apple I that you may not have known
4 Curiosities about the Apple I that you may not have known

Unlike the Apple products that were sold later, the Apple I was only a motherboard . In that sense, anyone who bought an Apple I would also have to get a monitor and a keyboard: the mouse was not created until years later. The usual way was to assemble the Apple I to a wooden board, joining it to the keyboard and the monitor.


Over the years, every time an Apple I was auctioned off, it made the news. The highest amount paid for one of these auctions has been around $900,000. One man bought an Apple I for $40,000 and sold it for $671,400, a big investment on his part.

Be careful what you recycle

A woman took the Apple I to a recycling center without knowing what it was. Apple sold it for $200,000 to a collector. They are still trying to locate the woman to give her half of the amount.

So keep all these things in mind if you find one of these 200 plates at a flea market. We should not miss the opportunity to get one or even appreciate the work of art that is already considered a craft creation. In addition, the Apple I is considered a museum piece, so it is worth visiting someone who has it.

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