3D cameras and augmented reality

El plan de Apple con la realidad aumentada: integrarla en la cámara del iPhone

Like other companies, Apple has its good news and bad news. But right now financially they’re doing well, they’re doing very well. Its shares are breaking records and its future plans are beginning to take shape. Investors, worried and doubtful that a revolution of the size of the iPod or iPhone can be repeated, are beginning to see a more defined future .

3D cameras and augmented reality
3D cameras and augmented reality

And that future, according to comments in Business Insider, passes through a 3D camera and the arrival of long-term augmented reality . Tim Cook has already valued this technology as something that can be ” as big as the iPhone “, and Apple has been acquiring companies working in this field for some time. Sooner or later, and surely through the iPhone, we will see the arrival of that augmented reality.

The first step would begin with the iPhone we will see this fall, which rumor has it will include a 3D camera with which you can start experimenting with augmented reality. Such a camera could, for example, replace the heads of game characters in iOS with the heads of the people around us . Ming-Chi Kuo, the analyst at KGI Securities, believes that Apple would even take two years to develop this technology and prepare it for the iPhone.

That camera would be the basis for, little by little, implementing technology and an augmented reality platform in Apple’s mobile devices. If we pay attention to Cook’s statements, it could take a few years for it to reach its full potential: analyst Steven Milunovich of UBS believes that we wouldn’t see it at full power for another five years, but that it would undoubtedly be something more serious than the bets made by Google or Microsoft.

The key is that the technology they present is not just an experiment, that they get users to need it

The key, as is always the case with Apple’s successes, is that the technology they present has such well thought-out applications that users realize they need it . No experiments with games or something that we would get tired of using after a few hours because of fatigue. It happened with the iPhone, it happened with the iPod, and it has to happen with augmented reality.

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