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30% of the Best Apps for iPad and iPhone Not in Google Play

Recent research by analyst firm Canalys shows that of the top 50 free and paid apps downloaded from the App Store, only 20% are available from the Android app store , Google Play.

On the other hand, the study also highlights that 18% of the applications that are available in the Google Play store are not optimized for tablet screen size .

Study says Google store is missing nearly 30% of the most downloaded iPad and iPhone apps from the App Store

30% of the Best Apps for iPad and iPhone Not in Google Play
30% of the Best Apps for iPad and iPhone Not in Google Play

Canalys’ research shows that application developers are not as interested in making applications for Android tablets as they are for tablets with the iOS ecosystem. Only 52% of Android apps have versions adapted for use on tablets .

According to Tim Shepherd, senior analyst at Canalys:

Canalys recommends Google to work hard to attract Android developers to strengthen their application ecosystem before consumers are disillusioned by the weak application offering available for their Android tablets. Google needs to “gain the trust of consumers” to register their credit cards and purchase Google Play content with a single touch, just as it does on the App Store. The more money consumers are willing to spend, the more likely it is that developers will focus their efforts on developing their applications for Android.

According to Canalys, for this to happen, application developers need to see that the Google Play store can offer them a solid and sustainable investment in their products.

As explained in Padgadget, in Shepard’s words:

What do you think? Do you think the reason why Android tablets didn’t just take off is because of the apps?