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30 curious and funny answers from Siri

Everything points to the fact that Siri will be updated with iOS 11 , and quite deeply. It was the first smartphone assistant to arrive on a smartphone and, today, has remained rather stagnant compared to the strong competition from other assistants like Cortana or Google Now. Precisely if you ask our dear assistant about one of these two, she will answer you in a way you probably don’t expect. And that’s what we bring you today: 30 questions you can ask Siri with her amazing answers and also an extra bonus.

A classic for trolls

1 -What do you prefer: Microsoft or Apple?

30 curious and funny answers from Siri
30 curious and funny answers from Siri

2 -Ok Google

3 -What do you think of Google Now

4 -What do you think of Cortana?

Some curious:

5 -How does the fox do it?

6 -What is 0 in 0?

7 -Tell me a joke

8 -Tell me a story

9 -Sing a song

10 -Toc toc

11 -Mirror mirror

12 -Who is the most beautiful in the kingdom?

13 -Can you lend me money?

14 -Merry Christmas

15 -Good morning (when it is night)

16 -Tongue twister

17 -Who are you going to vote for in the elections?

The hottest

18 -What are you wearing?

19. Will you marry me?

20- Do you love me?

21 -Kiss me

22 -Do you have a boyfriend?

Always protecting you:

23 -I’m sad

24 -I’m tired

25 -I’m drunk

26 -I’m going to kill myself

27 -I need a hug

Great assistant and best philosopher

28 -When will the world end?

29 -What was it before, the chicken or the egg?

30 -What is the meaning of life?

BONUS: troll your friends with Siri

If you want to stay with your friends, say something like “Hey Siri call the dumbest guy in the world ” and that Siri answered “Calling Fulanito”. If your friend doesn’t know this trick he’ll freak out. You can do it this way:

My info (your own contact) >Edit>Add related name (and on the left side you click on the relationship that appears by default and change it to the way you want Siri to recognize your friend (“dumbest guy in the world” as in the example) and on the right side you add your friend’s contact.

A better Siri is coming:

No doubt Siri will have things to improve on iOS 11. Among other things, there is talk of a possible integration of virtual reality into the next iPhone in which the Apple assistant would have a lot of weight. It has also been said that it could implement something similar to the cards we found in Google Now . Communicating in writing with Siri through iMessage , is another of the supposed news that we would find.

In any case, and taking into account the margin of improvement, we can say that few attendees can boast such a good sense of humor .

If you know of a phrase to say to Siri so that she can answer you wittily, don’t hesitate to leave it in the comment box.

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